Some amendments to the 6.xx systems, hardware limited test conditions
Greater range of options to increase translucent, enough memory to try to open the case

Greatly accelerate the search for fuzzy floating rate, recommend the use of search is updated, the previous slow
Incidentally, the fuzzy-point search is not considered positive and negative symbols
Search decimal floating-point belt can be the first step in the search manually designated N ~ N +1
Search floating-point negative fuzzy search with the floating-point in the number of floating-point is the same, but reduced the increase to the contrary

Type as "16" or "32" code format Save as CMF when CW code automatically converted to the format of the address (0x1aaaaaaa and 0x2aaaaaaa)

Ps format by adding a memory card game MCR Import and Export functions,
Pc simulator convenient and the exchange of records, with instant archiving function should be to play the game ps no problem

Options menu in the "other functions", the need to build a CM directory "MCR" subdirectory
Import and Export objects are on the 1st memory card
Import paragraph is to pc simulator mcr wrote psp memory card records the ps simulator on the 1st memory card
Export is to use psp's ps simulator on the 1st memory card records to generate a document mcr

Do not pay attention to the ongoing game ps memory card reader to conduct import and export operations

Temporary solutions ta088 motherboard psp2000 game in ps file花屏immediate issue of Reading
Psp is ta088 confirm their game in the ps file花屏time, then we will have prx directory name into state.prx try TA088state.prx
But it is strange motherboard comparison, other issues are said to have

Repair immediately filed a bug, there is a long time,
Recommended to use real-time features are updated, in particular on the 2000 games should be able to reduce the death rate of reading file
Recommends that non-371 system update to at least R20b above; at least 371 system update to the R21 (R21 previous versions do not support the 371 IM archiving)

Reading more than 352 real-time file system, the automatic shutdown function optimized, the faster

Optimized under the 2000 models of real-time archive compression algorithm would be able faster.
In practice, however Memory Stick fast enough in itself, the archive file reading speed or not compressed rods directly write faster

Slightly improved the next key move of the "fast set" button should be a little easier by

Improve the real-time archive compatibility, 371 system can also use real-time archive of
Pay attention to whether there prx directory state.prx

Option to increase "real-time automatic shutdown time" option,
Choose "yes", as long as the use of immediate withdrawal from Reading file will automatically shut down when
Election "no" will be read out of the game the last game archive automatically shutdown
To ensure that the system to return more than 3.52 after XMB settings will not be lost f1 (3.52 and below the system do not have to consider this issue)

Instant archive automatically determine the 1000 or 2000, 2000 opening of the archive compression, 1000?是老?子

Real-time archiving and psplink compatibility basically perfect, so the option to set up in the closure of an immediate filing option removed
Another: immediately filed a separate note, are not familiar with can look at

Threading modify, ps simulator under the exhaled no noise, the paper to reduce the size of a little more (no compression),
But it is estimated that there may be caused by a small minority of the original file can be read archived games are not readily file archiving time, so there are problems, please reflect

Screenshot of prx document is no longer at 371 and 371

Improved real-time archiving, R20aa began to meet the basic version has been perfect,
Most of the attention of the operating principles of the game,
Read the archive of the game the success rate of 90%
Before going into the last read from the file in the success rate of over 80% of pay

R20a amendment to a procedural error,
Now out of the game after the last game to read into the archives to improve the success rate of many (close to read the archived game success rate)
Read the last game of Death, then re-file reading and test several times more than the total allowed to deliver to the general
Welcoming the report of the test

Even the keys to improve the fight should not even be able to hold down the long fight to reduce failure
By the way, even under the key play unit interval for the equivalent of about 20ms, the general practice to adjust the game to 2-5 interval (which is 40-100ms) about better
The push-button moves continued for intervals units around 8ms

Mapping function to delete button to increase, the default location of the 16 blank, set "L + R mapping for the L" to facilitate such a mapping point

Screenshot file name to date, will snapjpg.prx, snappng.prx coverage of the original document

Improved real-time archiving, and enhance the stability of ps file reading of the game, do not read from the file of the game is not the basic Death

On the current state of real-time file:
First, 1000 is available, yet in 2000 the use of large-free memory optimization,
Therefore, the speed of the main archive file time to see the stick, 32M memory plus 2M memory and other multi-1M data into the memory stick, according to its own estimates of the speed of the stick (4g equipped with high-speed rod group about 10 seconds file, file reading 5 seconds)
Second, ps games, psp games are available under, (ps file reading of the game under the file after pressing the shortcut may be delayed, this time click the home button);
Third, this game read file occasion relatively more stable, ps, psp games are not the basic death. Ps file reading of the game sounds unusual, then click the home button will be normal;
Four out of the game (off or returned to the xmb) and then start reading file such occasions, psp look at specific games, some of the high rate of success of the games, some of the low success rate of the game,
ps game low probability of death, but there is a certain probability of voice disappeared, according to the home is not restored,
Reading file such a situation, then the recommendations should not continue to operate the archive file read, or re-read from the file, or find a place to keep a close memory card archive, and then re-read the memory card of the game normal archiving;

★ 3.52 over the system (including 3.71,3.80,3.90,4.01,5.00, etc.) out of the game (off or returned to the xmb) and then read into the file occasion,
Reading xmb file and returns it when a certain set rate of loss of f1, it is proposed that after the success of the plan to read files directly from the game shut down

Death to avoid operating principles:
Do not play animation archive file time; screen when the switch will not read archive file;
ps file reading of the game not to file under the home menu (ps game in general by "direct Ankuaijiejian game (if there are delays - home by the beginning of archive / reading files)," the process operation)
Do not try to game cso

2008-12-4 update 20
R20 version of the increase in a class of golden code format 0xCaaaaaaa 0xbbbbbbbb
The main procedures used to modify code, mandatory 32-bit. When locked and 0x2aaaaaaa 0xbbbbbbbb without distinction, and will unlock value in order to restore the initial restart of the game do not have to be able to restore the revised results. Each game is the use of up to 128 yards C line.

Screenshots increase in the PNG format. Snappng.prx will Kaodao PRX folder, the settings, change the format options. PNG format screenshot demand for memory than BMP, JPG little, if no reaction shots, replaced by BMP or JPG give it a try.

Ji options set to increase when the opening of the archive option, and the general election, "" may Ji. CMF and the need to PSPLink, GDB use, because when Ji archive PSPLink and debug features of the conflict, can turn off this option when filing Ji, an effective change of the game after the restart.

Amendments to the "Memories" and other similar series of individual game breath, screenshot of Death problem.

When Ji R19e amended filing, reading a file of the BUG. BUG caused by the R19e in the PS games reader can not be entirely under the previous filing of the game, the next time some of the PSP game Death file, it is repaired.

PS next game when Ji archived file read tips:
Reading file, the archive sometimes press the shortcut to a certain delay, at this time and then HOME key will be able to read the beginning of Ji-li file archive. Sometimes, after reading the voice file will be abnormal, click the button HOME give it a try.

R19e finally solved the problem of PS automatically pop up, plug a headset or death. We update the recommendations as soon as possible.

2008-10-29 update 5.00M33-3 with the 19d
5.00M33-2 began to pay attention to plug-in switch changed the way, needs to be replaced seplugins all documents, and PS in the game if you breath CMF removal of headphones.
See this post to download address:

2008-10-03 updated test version of the 19d
(This version adds a encrypted code format, the other unchanged. Encrypted format has met the CMF code re-use this version of it!)

2008-09-10: 19 d beta update
(This version adds a encrypted format code, the other unchanged. Encounter with the CMF encrypted format code used in this version!)

All transparent effect, D-yard BUG lead D code reader is also available at the problems, a slight improvement PS game immediately filed.

Reading archive files immediately strengthen stability, reading the open-file this game, you can read the last game of the stalls
No longer is a full chicken ribs, basically users can also try to look at the use of

Reading the last game under the need to archive:
1. 3.90 currently there are some problems, read the last game at home to withdraw from archived games, it will lose out when flash1 in the settings. Archive read this game is no problem.
Therefore, the proposed 3.90 to read the last game after filing intention to withdraw from the game, the key to open the direct long shutdown (CM or use the "other" - the "off" function).

2. Games are any current generation CM directory called ssave, ssav2 the provisional document, do not read the wrong game. Should not read other CM and system-generated version of the archive file, only this version CM and the system-generated archive File
3. Archive file read into the actual operation of the best games or stable;
4. Some games may be suspended from the game under good point;
5. Ps simulator than psp game Reading file stability, as read-only archive of this game;

R19a: bug is repaired
1. Tab to read the last version of the format will crashes, repair, the tab need to update the format of all
2. Thin p XMB with R19 in the next breath Dead, the restoration of the
3. Step 3 fuzzy search, search fixed constant error, the restoration of the
4. Archive Reading immediately file support ps simulator slightly improved (read archive files into the operation of the best home menu again)

1. Screenshot format increase jpg, bmp choice, in the options set in the amended
2.'s Largest line of code number to 1000
3. Restoration fuzzy search of a bug (a previous version fuzzy type is set to automatic, it may be lost 32 of the median results of this comparison)

Fuzzy search the first step "manual" to the scope of search, such as the importation of the minimum 10, Max 20, will search in the 10-20 numerical data between the address as a result of behind.
Fuzzy search, the cursor stopped at "increasing" and "reduce" option may be □ set of specific changes in value
For example, to search up from 500 just increased the value of change will be changed to 500. (The default is 0 closed, search all of the increased value)

4. Join the archive reading file function, lean P, fertilizer p are available, to set up, set up shortcuts to, but not as much as possible personal recommendation……, the use of the stick save time, space, more than 40 M
Instant archive many problems, such as interruption due to problems understanding is not very thorough, so many problems, the initial stage, we prepared to test R19a:
Bug is repaired

Read the last version of the tab format will crashes, repair, the tab need to update the format of all

P thin with R19 in the next breath XMB Dead, the restoration of the

Step 3 fuzzy search, search fixed constant errors, fixes

Reading archive file immediate support ps simulator slightly improved (read archive files into the operation of the best home menu again)

Screenshot format increase jpg, bmp choice, in the options set in the amended

The largest line of code number to 1000

Fuzzy search repair a bug (a previous version fuzzy type is set to automatic, it may be lost 32 of the median results of this comparison)

Fuzzy search the first step "manual" to the scope of search, such as the importation of the minimum 10, Max 20, will search in the 10-20 numerical data between the address as a result of behind.

Fuzzy search, the cursor stopped at "increasing" and "reduce" option may be □ set of specific changes in value
For example, to search up from 500 just increased the value of change will be changed to 500. (The default is 0 closed, search all of the increased value)

Reading archive files by adding features, p fertilizer can be used to set up, set up shortcuts to, but not as much as possible personal recommendation……, the use of the stick save time, space, more than 40 M

Repair some bug
For example, some games under the keys dysfunction; some time after the game no longer be able to plug the plug (I hope useful);
Please update encountered such problems

Increase the folder, file name display Chinese coding switch, with fat.prx cm to extract the prx directory
When the browser files directory □
Speed slower, but 3.90 is the following benefits system can also display the correct file name in Chinese

Screenshot to jpg format, with coverage to prx CM directory, set up in the options can adjust the quality jpg screenshot

Showing memory interface
And his party to show the 16-byte
Join the 16-band numerical ASCII string search and search, similar winhex
Rocker left is the search string, 16-band rocker is the right search, the length not more than 29

Relative to join the current address of jumping, according to rocker on the importation of numerical

Standby shutdown shortcut set, if set to select, restore the default shortcuts

The plug to see the text keys to withdraw from the interruption or SELECT button can be △

According to join the game id automatically load cmf, set format to the former documents, whichever is 10 characters (cmf priority in the format automatically load after the tab)

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------
R18c ":
R18c read tab has a bug
Have the potential to remove the code bug, repair

In addition the plug to see the text interrupted to withdraw from key △

The main function of improving the plug Raiders,
Increase open jpg, png file directory when the choice.

Mobile plans to watch the picture should improve the speed of a number (with the prx coverage to CM directory)

LR look at jpg, png, can also select from interruption, start preserving display position label.

Also repair and some home-made software (such as gpSP kai) button issue of the conflict, the problems encountered such update.
Some other bug that……

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------

Watch the big-resolution pictures can move shows that (relatively speaking png, jpg mobile display speed slightly faster).

Ps format to watch Raiders, an increase from SELECT interrupted by four-way controller and a high degree of rocker move up or down more than 480 pictures

Show png, jpg image, increase the operating keys, according to LR can be directly adjacent picture Show
About four-way controller from top to bottom, from top to bottom around Rocker (four-way controller rocker each mobile unit not the same) can watch超?480 x272 resolution pictures mobile picture

Another form listing division showed that some people like some people like to see all the code, a compromise done, the interface is divided into two tiers.

Need to tab the file directory can be independent in their own CM directory to build a "TAB" directory, are put to the tab
Is not this need not take up the tube

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------

JPG picture to see the way to join, png faster rate than ....
Jpg image to view on the "ms0: / CheatMaster / JPG" directory
Another repair cmf format Dead

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------

PNG to join the initial picture view, can also see some ps simulator format Raiders document.dat

Will be attached to the CM image.prx Kaodao prx directory
To view png picture on the "ms0: / CheatMaster / PNG" directory,
ps format Raiders on "ms0: / CheatMaster / DAT" directory

Ps format Raiders to watch, about LR flip button operation, the designated box key pages, start storage labels

.... Still in the testing elements in the proposed free use of more than 200 k

Other areas, some improvements and adjustments, bug fixes,
More important is fuzzy search previous version, search the median of 32 will go wrong, the students need to find Goldfinger proposal immediately update this version

CM Fusion PSP game is targeted to amend auxiliary plug-in

CM0.6 come from the development, the search can be modified and conventional screenshot
CW Goldfinger support the format code, simple Chinese characters input, support CW DB documents, see PNG, JPG picture, ps character, the English-Chinese dictionaries, PS, PSP game with a key, key mapping, set up features such as color
Can be conducted at any time in the game exhaled Show GBK coding TXT text Raiders
Occupy less resources, generally more stable not Huaping not Dead

If it is used for the first time, you can http://www.fs2you.com/files/58bacca1-16ba-11dd-9851-00142218fc6e/
Download the complete package, and then updated with the latest CheatMaster.prx

After the CMF updated document to replace CheatMaster.prx

The default is exhaled shortcut: note button, it does not work to try to volume + volume - at the same time by
To ensure that seplugins / game.txt, GAME150.txt, pops.txt, have ms0: / CheatMaster / CheatMaster.prx

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -----------------------

According to some key features views of adjustment and repair a number of bug (such as "↑ mapping for ↑ + □" or "□ mapping for ↑ + □" in the R17, useless, and the game of the keys ps).

Shutdown standby function into a system settings, you can set shortcuts.

Brightness adjustment, to "set a maximum brightness", mainly used to playing at lower screen brightness.
For example, the maximum brightness set to 50, the current maximum brightness on the game show will be the largest to 50 (even if the same button on the screen, unless the return to the CM menu, the maximum brightness of the repatriation of 99)

All keys (even fight, mapping, a key, rocker exchange) in ps simulator game can be completely normal use of the

Keys to increase viscosity; button mapping raise utility (currently a maximum of 16 support group mapping), and even the keys are in support of a separate or combination shortcuts
A little research to test, the game more convenient

In addition, and the previous version of the configuration. Set document is not universal, please re-set

An increase of brightness and a few switch-Dalu Huo, time, have yet to be improved

dump memory automatically generate the documents on the MEM directory convenient to delete name (set, mem, cmf folder now CMF will automatically save time)

Automatically load form functional bug fixes

-------------------------------------------------- --------

And memory size is the main occupation of optimization and reduce the number of
And the document name, the name-related adjustments;

Save for the resumption of TAB options;

Temporary import an additional memory can be written back to memory the contents of the documents (to ensure the safety of address)
Menu in the "memory management",
Use of CM in the directory to build a "MEM" folder, will be renamed to write a document 0 xAAA.mem
0xAAA to write on behalf of memory locations, such as 0 xF300.mem, the content of the document will be written into the memory 0 xf300,

Browse txt, cmf and other documents to increase renamed, deleted options (3.90 on the system to use this feature to paper to a Chinese name with the first point)
Remove the tab format of storage
Some bug fixes

BIG5 encoding an additional version of the text read, only Hong Kong and Taiwan friends to test (with the big5.dat together to extract the ms0: / CheatMaster / directory)

1, support the new multi-pointer cw format code, pay attention to this format and multi-level indicator is slightly different from previous

2, against the fire by adding 13 http://www.gfan.cn make moves by the one-button function, for his efforts
Settings can set the first page of the company bills start shortcuts, all the keys of the interval, reverse activated shortcut (default is R, reverse start even strokes R + is the original launch shortcuts)
Set up the second page can set up separate keys and spacing (between different games set up under the relatively large difference)
And can even set up a good fight to preserve read maps for ms0: / CheatMaster / SET / *. set

I almost did not play because of fighting, testing not be too many things, it reflects a problem
Their test, in the interval mvs simulator, is set to around 8 better; Mars rocker Zhuanquan set to be a seemingly 6

3, the rocker button to increase the "↑", "↓", "←", "→", representing about rocker from top to bottom
Table can be used by groups ↑ ↓ can move the cursor, keys and a key mapping, can also make moves

4, some small fixes, CMF read format, Goldfinger E code enforcement judgement means, ps game WildArms1 breath problems
Also note address forms screen, keys locked state can ignore the implementation of the cursor of a group code

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------
Accelerate the speed of shots, shots into storage in ms0: / PICTURE / SCREENSHOT under
Increase the storage format of the text read "CMF", the code is actually a CW a single file format for editing
Code name more than 10 letters, automatically divided into two or three lines
This type of format there ms0: / CheatMaster / CMF directory
Therefore, please ensure that there is a directory CM "CMF" folder

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------
R15a: adding a USB connection
To compress the bag to extract all the files directory on the line of the CM
No sub-version, while supporting ps simulators and psp games, home-made program
Attention to the game in the first USB connection, the best guarantee of the free time of more than 200 KB

-------------------------------------------------- ----------
Update record:

R15: basically a few days ago that under the TEST minor problems
1, fuzzy search improvements do not test the speed of the search words can replace the constant use of
2, floating-point increase in two decimal Show
3, floating-point increase fuzzy search
4, repair load tab, select Delete the Dead
5, to increase memory address Show Jumping history (10 circulation), and the objective values jump
************************************************** ***************
If memory Show at the address as the guide, can jump to the START pointer by pointing to the memory address
Address jumping history, is the record of the last 10 address changes (the designated box address key jump and the START key indicator of address jump), according to facilitate the rapid return of SELECT, many times by

************************************************** ********************************
Fuzzy search on the improvement that is now the choice of fuzzy search "start again" after the emergence of a "automatic" and "manual" menu,
"Automatic" and before the same fuzzy search Yimo
"Manual" can enter a value by itself, CM search will be equivalent to the value of all Search fuzzy address as a first step, the results for behind the fuzzy search

For example, to search for blood slot, has now know that blood is over 100.0
Will be able to type as "fuzzy floating-point" and then re-search, then select "Manual", enter the float 100, determined that the results as a first step
After the search on the same as before the

************************************************** *************************************
Another said that the meaning of the Free menu, molecular denominator is that free memory
The total available free memory and the equivalent of two about +200 KB
/ Idle in front of that core area, / behind that users free zone
Can be opened for the reference of the text, the general can open the text equivalent to two inside the larger, um, sometimes equivalent to that of the small +200 KB

1, some fine-tuning, integrated into Cloud_Q by the Chinese character input interface adjustment
2, by adding memory Show float integral part of that search by adding an integer float search (press box key switch to the metric system, then press triangle button to enter the float input (input type for the automatic or 32), enter "100" Said search 100.0)

1, under certain simulators do not show the occasional outbound interface, repair,
2, started initial adjustment, such as bug fixes……
3, named simple menu by adding the Chinese character input, together with the ime.dat to extract ms0: / CheatMaster directory

Under the revised simple, testing, change:
1, PS simulator, even the support of a button
2, interface to reduce flicker, psp official game of reading the text without the use of double buffer flashing (double buffer for CM, not very meaningful, because a few minutes to achieve a very simple thing, Shunshou added)
Another change is now "background Trgb" so that the next breath to see the effect of CM
3, address form interface, the adjustment of the key functions of the box: If the current cursor of the trip is a certain group, locked effect on the entire group will play a role.
4, address form interface, while holding down the increase in LR, according to the arrow keys, as a group as a unit can move the cursor.

On the group here to add a little detail about, for historical reasons and with relatively "cheap."
If not begin with the code name "+" the beginning, he is a group
If his code name "+" the beginning, and that lines of code on the front of the recent code-name "+" the beginning of lines of code that belongs to a group,

For example,
[1] hello 0x80000000 0x00000000
[2] + 0x80000001 0x00000001
[3] + world 0x40000002 0x00000002
[4] Hensha 0x50000001 0x00000003
[5] + very naive 0x60000002 0x0000000F
[6] + a shortage 0x80000007 0x00000400
[7] + very Napoli 0x90000001 0x00005000
[8] Why is it 0xD0000001 0x00004000

In such a line of code form, [1] and [2] [3] belong to a group, [4] and [5] [7] [6] belong to a group, [8] belong to a group of
A group of code can be used at the same time lock box keys to unlock

CW conditions increase the code
Lifting of restrictions on memory, can open the game in general and from the txt
Laws similar to the translucent background for the blending effect, and facilitate the search from the reference from "Options settings" in the background Trgb the "T" decision

According to CW format changes to increase the compression code guidelines, indicators copy code support
Fuzzy search to improve search speed (down test increased by 1 / 3 of)
Several additional search filter, to note that the general may not have set many conditions for search results
(For example, when eight fuzzy search "<= 0 xff" or "> = 0 x00", extreme circumstances may arise 24 x8M provisional)

According to cw format, modify reverse button-code format for D00000dd 3nnnnnnn
Several bug repair

Several restoration bug, such as reading the problem cw db

CW complete guide to increase support for six yards, applies to certain dynamic allocation of memory numerical
For example alexwong provide an example:
Gangchu the U.S. version of Ji Jingling
L restore the physical
_S ULUS-10285
_G Silent Hill Origins
_C0 Press L to Refill Health
_L 0xD0000007 0x10000100
_L 0xE0030880 0x3058BF56
_L 0xE00209FF 0x2058BF56
_L 0x6058BF54 0x42C80000
_L 0x00020001 0x00000B6C
_L 0xE0030880 0x30648146
_L 0xE00209FF 0x20648146
_L 0x60648144 0x42C80000
_L 0x00020001 0x00000B2C

Adding text labels from a temporary, if the next time you open the same text, to automatically label;
There are quick to read the text, read the text if interrupted by select from the next breath cm directly open the same text

Some self-improvement and software compatibility, such as the new PPA; ps simulation id read repair of memory, not from open

Read more button configuration storage, configuration files *. set on "ms0: / CheatMaster / SET /" folder
Increase the browser code lock all the shortcuts to improve LR flip button

In addition to the note:
txt text, loading path ms0: / CheatMaster / txt / *. txt
ps game character bios, loading path for ms0: / CheatMaster / fnt / *. fnt
English-Chinese dictionaries, from documents in ms0: / CheatMaster / dct / under

Increase the options set to increase in reading the text set number of bytes per line, to show that this can change the text width
Goldfinger increase reverse-key code

memory dump, dump address the scope of the search data from the designated area, you can not dump a whole memory of the 24 M

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------

Code for the use of CW:

CW cheat.db support the code base, the path to ms0: / CheatMaster / cheat.db
Use, click the menu "to load forms" - "CW code base" can be, if there are cheat.db with id code will automatically load

Can now directly use a text editor to open cheat.db document format requested by adding code cw
Click on the menu, the code will automatically add the code to find id game, then you open the lock
In addition to the management, use more convenient,
Code name of the game and even the Chinese are able to (code name limit five Chinese characters)

Save time, because only preserve the current code to db tail, so if db, with the game on the original data, to load (that is, "CW code base") then add the code and then saved
This can be the original code and the code of this added together to save at the end of
Id not made the deposit to the procedure should not in the db

In addition, if you want to preserve and DB cw fully compatible, look at the code name, if the code name "+" the beginning, to save time will not print "_ C0 name", multiple lines of code can be used

For example, the code
Save for the
_C0 Of 99
_C0 Of 99

Save for the
_C0 Of 99
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------

With the use of. . . . To improve gradually.

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