SCM MOD for a key technology, skills, recording, archiving perfect
break, rocker sensitivity at 6:30 on February 8 major update

Aggregate functions to the new user:
1. Game data search, search mode support three kinds, namely the
standard search, string search and fuzzy search, and search speed
is currently the fastest of all the same software.
2. First use of the plug-in memory 8, to double the buffer is the
only image processing plug-ins (a plug-in, non-self-made process,
the independent self-direct procedures can be called the PSP SGU),
brought no flashing translucent mixed results, the function is thin
P unique in the world.
2. Memory directly edit mode, supports eight-bit, 16bit, 32bit, ascii,
hex5 kind of edit mode, memory data range DUMP etc.. Currently the
most convenient memory view (+ Editor)
3. Goldfinger directive support to the direct writing code, code
compression and conditions code, Pointer Code, pointer compression
codes, key-code, computing code, and change of code, copied code,
put it in simple terms is that all current Goldfinger instructions.
The three kinds of support to the current code format (*. tab, *
db, *. scm), read the code without conversion.
4. Unique code wizard mode for new and old players, even to people
familiar with the play Goldfinger, it may not be the first time to
find detailed instructions Goldfinger format, this function can solve
this problem, can fool Generation of all the above-mentioned directive.
5. Unique group management, helping large quantities Goldfinger
code management, the use of packet mode can be more intuitive Show
Goldfinger directive The content of the revisions.
6. Most current plug-in to read the text of resources, support an
infinite read the text, and other page-trip flashing not obvious
(it is translucent image processing effects mixed results, no double
buffer, flashing screen is not free).
7. Core of the world's first model of a dynamic crack PSP archive
encrypted data can be perfect break out of the archived data encryption,
support write back, the functions can be used to achieve
cross-platform transplantation archived data.
8. Support of the unique title, and also supports the general
hotkey title.
9. Support PSX game replacement system font, and it is only a game
realize PS ID and the name of the PS versions of the game.
10. System performance settings, this没?can say, the basic versions
and plug-ins have ..
11. Most powerful keys to strengthen and support key mapping, and all
the keys, and key exchange rocker / share, adjusting rocker sensitivity,
automatic identification US version of the game XO button automatic
exchange, and the history of the perfect " Bond for technology ", a
separate technical support for recording and game record, technical
support for manual fine-tuning. perfect" to broadcast video "..
12.USB connectivity, allowing the self-made programs and games directly
connects to the USB.
13. Current versions of the most beautiful in the most human interface
and the interface, before the language barrier also all the solutions
(not before the Chinese version).
14. Revision of the current three provinces in the memory design, the
specific reasons can be seen Posts Below, I have that this is the main
version of fertilizer P, P thin because of no need, so I deliberately
use, thinner version is all P plug-in memory for most, huh.
15. Not linked to a number of teeth is not to say that the function.
Above that is the basic SCM MOD unique characteristics.

More than that, if different from that, you can verify inform, and
sincerely thank you for correcting me.

Contrast CW:
Goldfinger CW addition to the basic functions, there is no other?special
auxiliary function, but there is a compilation of anti-memory function,
the user can ignore low-level, proficient users of the MIPS assembly
language a little bit, but do not support the breakpoint debugging,
it is tasteless, and other aspects of what it does not comparable.
its code base? code base has been sharing .....

CMF contrast:
CMF is now accounted for the largest memory overhead households, not?
comparable functions, in addition to an abandoned by my dictionary
function, it has some SCMMOD, SCM MOD some characteristics it Shadoumei
to see the surface it is very honest interface does not mean that the
ugly of resources, not to be deceived appearance. R13 version of the
CMF is now actually taking landscaping line, doomed to death ....
the little advantages have abandoned the memory overhead .... itself
is big, has also joined landscaping ...

Contrast SCMMOD own:
The function has been increasing volume of documents the growing,
although not what 150 K, but also for the PSP is relatively large,
but does not affect the use of temporary, function by adding some
HACK because the practice may not be good compatibility , but
mainstream systems are tested, and all normal. software if a bucket
and who compatibility, and only need to swap a few shielding function,
and then forced to use the compatibility mode, then on to the
compatibility invincible, but I was reluctant to do so. never be real
"perfect" version, and only a software perish it is the perfect time,
because it does not require further updates. SCM MOD update speed is
amazing, functional speed increase is alarming, this is obvious to all,
the future will bring more SCMMOD pleasant surprises.

Huaping the use of "compatibility mode", the memory of the use of
"compatibility mode" not compatible with the use of "compatibility mode"
of resources to the use of "compatibility mode" operation to speed the
use of "compatibility mode", stability? "compatibility mode." Please
find everything all compatibility mode, open the SCM MOD compatible
model is the most stable changes, the fish can not serve God and Mammon
at the same time, its own measure, if the compatibility mode will not
do so, nor has he other plug-trip, thank you!

Add the code in memory to view the operation of the code table: first
to enter Edit mode by circle, and then click START button will add the
code in the guide ... Due to space limitation, in the process, I do not
be explained .. .

The minor complaints: that before the CMF MOD version of the key skills
is a fake, I had to download to test, I dumbfounding, as there is such
a world, a key mapping function will be modified under a "one button
for technology ", I set up a skills test: → ↓ ? + 1.30, traditional
forms you, in the game tests, found that the so-called continuous
technology is constantly according to the" Triangle ", as like a madman
... . Alas, nothing ..... it is a joke.
Interested can see next original posts:
Http:// Ight ... = cmf & page = 1

Configuration and will not be used for the first time, direct
compression to extract the entire package to the root directory
of coverage, according to the game, "notes button" exhaled, hotkey
"notes keys" to emphasize that, hotkey "notes Bond," Click on it.
<- bold

All all language barriers, exhaled not, the issues are running Dead
no longer exists.

Not configurable, complete package directly to the annex to extract
the root directory can stick .. or use the following method to open
their own.
Plug-ins manually open - resumed modality approach:
1. First shut down your machines (by off-key).
2. According R button boot.
3. Now you have entered a resume mode, select menu items, the Plugins
entry, and see next scmmod_psps.prx scmmod.prx right there (Enbaled)
words, if not, select it, then click the X button, then exit can be.

It seems also to the statement: SCM MOD started out on the 26th,
the Chinese version is very stable in the 3.80 system, a serious
BUG is in the game when read data (such as broadcast CG, etc.),
Reading Data from the threads were hung, it is certain the Dead.
exhaled plug-in, plug-in will be in addition to its own thread,
all the threads are hung in 3.80 in the basic set is a dead Therefore,
the user needs 3.80 careful use. is because of this problem, I also
put two machines are 3.71% as a major brush system. SCMMOD this
is not the issue, which hangs thread with all of the plug-in operation
the existence of this problem, you can be a test, the use of CW or CM
test, the same results.
As a plug-in the process is made miserable, P fertilizer in the above
can be used less than 500 K of memory, of course, will also forcibly
seize, but in excess of 500 K, it would very dangerous, in excess of
500 K, fundamental wield no stability at all.
P fertilizer version of the current font and encoding are the plug-in
memory occupancy rate was 0, so it is impossible unstable. Homemade
If it is an independent program, we want to engage in how to engage
in how some people might wonder: Why PSP not to use their own font
and transcoding, in fact PSP own character is a "bitmap" font, the
only call the SGU API PSP can use its library, SGU only allows users
to model procedure call, as Plug-ins, it is not to use the SGU. sum
up all these factors, the development of plug-ins is a painful
process. SCM MOD SLIM version is the most perfect, used SLIM version
of the friends and could not find any reason for any discerning .
memory of the occupier, I intend to or by the user to set up their
own good, after all, every person is not the same idea, I will join
the search allows users to set up their own occupation memory size.
hotkey, I joined so choose bar.

16, as some of the game deep color, transparency effects to use
"Huaping" feeling, encountered this situation, you can use the FAT
version compatibility mode can be opened. Such a game less, as far
as I know are "Jijingling."

XO said the bond exchange, please do you see next Settings function,
so there有个叫"When the non-Japanese version of the game when the
automatic exchange button XO" You close yourself.

This procedure has been 100 percent perfect ... any further problems
SONY's the fault of the group Fantong .3.80 there is a clear BUG is
multi-threaded read the document when 100% Dead.
Currently known issues: the self-made plug-in arbitrary procedures in
the game when Dupan exhaled die in the broadcast animation exhaled
when 90 per cent mortality rate, are systems. Have tested all of the
plug-ins (and similar CW CMF the same), the existence of this problem.
The use of the most reliable method is to formally enter the game
after exhaled add-ins ...

Up to now, SCM MOD is no longer SCM, apart from the same interface
and SCM, inside the code has been rewritten more than 80 percent
of the original author's basic code do not exist .. I have some
regrets took a break to pants repair, repair the results of the
use made of a fabric sufficient new pants (I mean if this is not to
say that the original SCM garbage, but he ... I used to things not,
why not自立??).

SCM MOD asked me what code compatible format? SCM MOD compatible with
the current code three kinds of popular file formats (*. TAB, *. SCM,
*. DB), and also supports the CW's official code base code automatically
search function.

I asked what instructions SCM MOD support? SCM MOD support all current
Goldfinger instructions, and I have added a bit to strengthen key code
into, I will be available to you write a detailed analytical article
Goldfinger instructions if you need now understanding, they can refer
to the AlexWong andフェNeedle Allah Talkスwritten instructions Daquan
Goldfinger, or refer to the official English CW entry URL:

February 8 (update on the current operating performance, compatibility
and stability):

* 1. Fertilizer P version can now also use double buffering without
flashing image processing, boring read some of the PSP's technical
parameters, I have a surprising discoveries found SGU double image
buffer directly with the It shared the fertilizer P now also have
sufficient capital to use double buffering image processing, and can
then "flashing screen," said "Goodbye."
* 2. Similar Jijingling these special games in the past will screen
messy situation, now this issue two versions of the SCMMOD are the
perfect solution to !!!!!
* 3. Due to receive an additional a buffer zone, the current version
of P fertilizer mixed background no longer need to keep the Memory
Stick, Memory Stick often no longer flashing lights .... SCM \ TEMPDATA
directory of graphic documents no longer necessary the.
* 4. Above 2:00, P fertilizer version of the start-up speed and running
speed of a leap absolute leap. Qualitative leap ... There are two
fertilizer P P thin version of the restrictions are no longer on much
distinction, the large memory thin P now only used in the search.
due to the accident was the buffer zone, thin P also to the use of
that natural buffer, so memory can save around 500 K ..
* 5. Fertilizer P version can now also use dynamic crack encrypted
archiving capabilities, but dare not guarantee stability in the ...
rest assured that will not freeze up, at most, only the function will
not boot ...
* 6.VSH model below normal breath, and can also use any version of SCM
MOD ...
* 7. Occupied memory allocation has changed .. thin P Apart from the
PSP and PSX games can be played the opening eight memory, the other
homemade procedures (including of course PPA and the simulator, etc.),
are the Prohibition of the Use Area 8 memory, this fearless avoid
all conflict, stability greatly enhanced. simulator has been tested
in all versions of the P .. fertilizer distribution has also changed
the memory, the use of a very reasonable priority mode, the memory
is too tense time , will now forcibly entered the compatibility mode.
present two versions of the SCMMOD stability and compatibility can
withstand any major test !!!!!!!
* 8. Memory view and search results before a "symbol cosmetic" show,
now read "unsigned integer", in which all values are shown in a
positive, not a negative ...
* 9. Code on the inside group joined the volume change the function
of the state, can be batch closed, open, lock all groups. This is the
group functions.
* 10. Due to support two versions of the double image buffer, no longer
flashing screen brought annoyance, text reader also become a
transparent background, this is not flashing, oh, eye protection
should be good ~ ~ ~.
* 11. A key technology for the delay of 10 milliseconds that I have
been 100% perfect can truly reflect the skills of the recording,
I will wait several KOF placed inside a move (a button) killed the
video button and documents are interested please wait ...
* 12. Before fertilizer P version of the title in the existence of
a BUG, which would leave the residual title selection box edge, this
issue has been amended ...
* 13 In order to avoid the peak period and the game loading the
conflict SCMMOD need to enter the game or procedures, only 15 seconds
after the entry into force of breath, in the 15 seconds before you is
not called out, please do not tell me you have not called oh.

The update is Taikuanmei, P fertilizer is playing Friends of the
greatest gospel ah.
The forum sometimes can not download the annex, so I applied for a
network disk as a backup Download Address:

# February 6:
# 1. Will be a key technology for the number of orders increased to 50
once again, that some games (such as KOF) can be killed ... a move
# 2. Recording time will be merged with Intelligent superfluous by some
wrong directions, because the accuracy of recording too high, sometimes
redundant input commands, after all, human hands can not be so quick ...
For example, : At the same time according to ← ↓ + O, probably because
the order of a difference? milliseconds, will have ←. ← ↓. ← ↓ + O,
O, and so several instructions, will now be some intelligent analysis
is superfluous instructions, and then its merged.
# 3. A key technology for editing interface slightly revised, the
location vacated greater instructions, and because the number of orders
# 4. Thin P version of the compatibility mode in addition to the double
buffer, to make it more "compatible", so thin P-compatible version of
the model is now "flashing something."
# 5. Amended a key technology for a small BUG, two keys in the same
direction when pressed for an instant, could be regarded as one of the
operation, rather than the 2 should be operating.

At 18:20 on February 4:

* 1. Before a bond with consecutive technical skills joined the
recording, recording skills to the delicate precision (such as one
second = 1000000 microseconds), the original orders for technology-from
15 to 30, skill edit mode skills can be displayed in a line to the
original five (the annex figure can be seen), the skills can be
recorded in the editing interface directly on the skills SELECT button
start recording, or in the game? record hotkey start recording
(recording hotkey settings can be set inside, it is best not to
the direction keys, 1.30, the Quartet, circle, cross-button attached
to a hotkey, and so on), the history of skills is the most perfect
record! perfect support for the various button fighting game concept
basically good record, you can press the hotkey is equivalent to "video
." After your skills can document as a "cheat code Goldfinger" to share
with everyone, after all, this is also one way of cheating.
* 2. Due to some special needs, key functional units from the time of
the 1 / 100 second to milliseconds (1 / 1000 second), and all the
buttons and a button for technology are covered.
* 3. Joined rocker sensitivity control function can be strengthened
or weakened rocker sensitivity.
* 4. Amendments to the original author before VSH under the shield of
the SELECT button, the current version seems to be not in the SLIM VSH
exhaled mode, the demand for a friend can use FAT version, in fact,
two versions can co-exist.
* 5. A key technical skills for the file name can be its own definition
, is not dead-ID as a document of the game, mostly to a game is
considered perhaps there are several configuration files demand.
* 6. Interface main menu has been adjusted to the relevant function
keys as a "strengthening the button" category on the main menu, how
quickly calls.


* 1. A key technical skills for the establishment, there is a delay
in concept, before a friend mentioned what "can be used, from top to
bottom could not be used," he is ignoring the obvious good time delay
settings, time units cents second, the default value is 250 ms, for
example, some games you want to re-up and press the button under attack
(KOF in the grass X Beijing 'Chennai yo' skills, you must at least set
'on' time delay of 1000 milliseconds, If you set too soon, then not to
jump up on the line 'under the' instructions, of course 'invalid').
we must pay attention to the concept of the time delay, not to postings
not ask me what does not work, I can tell you: absolute trip! not
nothing. a key technology for the "Iron Fist 5" strictly tested, the
time value of the catch is very accurate, in the annex to me with
two "Lang spent" floating space technology, " Lang spent "That two
strokes float entry time on the technical requirements of high accuracy
to milliseconds, is that the time of capture high accuracy rate, the
interest can be tested under a friend.
* 2. Skills you have to shut down the recording, editing skills in the
interface is in the START button on the end of recording, in the game
is click the "record hotkey" on the end of one, or your breath SCM MOD
it will be the end of recording, When the recording of the orders
reached 30 times automatically. skills recording function will
automatically find you still do not have the skills set up columns
for recording, if your skills column full, it is not for recording,
please delete some skills column to continue recording.
* 3. Son of a key technology for the time value of the right instruction
, you can be understood as: how long it will press this button
implementation of a button. Encountered similar "Jibo (->->)" operation,
a delay is normal relatively small, after continuing hold down the
second button (the second delay button set higher), for example,
between the iron fist in the wind-wind punch, set-up time is so low
"speed wind Fist", it is higher Boxers ordinary wind.
* 4. Should remember in the game to hold down the R button with a key
technology for the hotkey is the "anti-" to the directive, oh, if the
instructions are as follows: "↓ ? → + O", press and hold the R button
click hot keys, etc. So "↓ ? ← + O" Remember remember ....
* 5. Recording good skills, can edit mode fine-tuning, such as
regulation time difference, etc. This is the traditional "hardware"
-a key strokes handle not even function.

February 2:
1.USB now connecting the flow.
2. Core plug-in dynamic mode crack archive encryption this way can be
said to be the first international, in fact this effort to spend the
most time on is a core model of how to crack plug-SONY archive encryption
, before However found archived data the scope, but not enough time to
capture the data, a number of "cunning" of the game, in your manual DUMP
archived data when the archived data has been changed or directly
emptied. model but as a core plug, it is not able to HOOK user mode
inside the paper after the operation, so has been to capture data on
this issue is trouble,
Core model of plug-ins and independent homemade procedures, we should
interfere in the core mode user mode is a difficult problem, as if, as
the independent Lakobo homemade procedures, it is necessary to decrypt
the archive file is an easy, perhaps it could be said that I have to
write a Lakobo, then 15 minutes can be written out. Alas, too much
nonsense, straight to the question: thin P version is now joined the
perfect archive DUMP back and write functions, the data may DUMP out
and the lakobo not the same, this is "naked" data, absolutely no other
ingredients, so some may not be archived Editor understand these data,
but will revise the filing, is the editor do not fool archiving, and
the DUMP archived data is not useful to the largest archive Editor
use, but to experienced users to analyze data using (a file editor,
and N are out of the game a long time, first-hand, certainly on their
own hands), the other is to use some of the game trouble For example
Jijingling these needs props were revised data, in this function,
it is easy to get, there is a function that in different systems,
archiving is not common, but can use this function cross-filing
system (For example, the filing received 3.52 using the 3.9, P thin
version of the current system is a minimum 3.60 ..).
Use good simple:

* A. me first say that the menu: menu "View Archives", "Trans-archived
data," "crack archived data," "delete archived data."
* B. "Show archived data" is here to see inside the buffer zone data,
you can view data in addition, the editors here can, in fact, equivalent
to a data editor, you can load or transfer of archive document before /
after editing.
* C. "transfer of data" cache is the unencrypted data stored in document
archiving, file naming automatically, based on game ID, SCM \ SAVEDATA
directory creation. You must be in the game once the implementation of
archiving operation can capture the content of archived data.
* D. "crack archived data": the above function and the "transfer of
data" is the opposite, that is, from your unencrypted archive file to
load data cache, and began HOOK, you load a document, in the game as
they do archived operation, the data is then stored to keep out before
the unencrypted data.

Said operating process examples:
In the pre-operational, please ensure that you have enabled this feature
(in the menu, you can set), open games, easily find a local record time,
after the opening SCM MOD, in the archived data directory, you should
be able to see the current cache District information, such as archived
data from the location where to where, and so on, you direct elections
"to keep data," if nothing unexpected happens, then a perfect unencrypted
file has been saved to SCM \ SAVEDATA directory, you can the use of
third-party tools to edit open (for example WINHEX this software), or
you can use that document to the forum, can be as a "cross-filing
system" for everyone to share, of course, you can use that document
to show ask others to help you to revise your return.
If you archived properly amend the document (or get others at the
forum shared unencrypted archive), directly to the copy of this document
to SCM \ SAVEDATA directory,
SCM MOD options open "crack archived data" one, and then again in the
game casually make a record of operation, then the data will be
automatically revised official wrote to the filing document.
I am in the annex provides a test of unencrypted file (in the annex
to the bottom position), "Xinghai" the early stages of the game all
props filing, the main purpose was to test .. not too familiar with
the operation of friends can be taken to practice Under the (mode of
operation such as the Blue characters mentioned above).
PS: SCM MOD inside with a good editor in fact, see paragraph b of the
above. Fertilizer P do not have this function, because of memory
problems ... whether we can to resolve. Thin P, then you will use
this function 1M memory as a cache, then M has set up a large,
primarily because some of the game's archived data too.

At 3:00 on the 31st
1. To regain the title of the function, the original still retains
title hotkey.
2. Join the font loading PS BIOS function.
3. Changed before the keys and all the keymap and the priorities
in response to the Friends of a certain play of the recommendations
4. Joined the four direction keys and all the settings.
5. Read the text of the amendment does not preserve the location of
the problem.
6. Additional hotkey normal. This issue and the first five issues
before the reduction is because I am the backup documents, the old
version of the document that led to the replacement of the.

At 18:30 on the 30th:
* Similar to the "Jijingling" These games use a double image buffer
approach in the past, the SCM MOD inside opened in these games is
"very confused" interface, is now available for thin P perfect solution
to the problem, in the following a title. solve this problem good hard
ah, because I had no idea, as it is to deal with the image ... for the
whole more than seven hours. fertilizer P version temporarily unable to
resolve, insufficient memory, in the face of similar games can be
directly opened compatibility mode (black background), I am not eccentric,
it is intention but not the ability ah, sorry ..
* P version of the thin refresh rate increase has more than doubled
again, the audience would certainly want that, although you are not
likely to notice, because P thin version of the SCM MOD Image Rendering
a double buffer, and see flashing.
* P thin version was also reflected excessive memory footprint, thin P
version of the model will be compatible with P fertilizer and the like,
it is not any resources for the "black screen."
* Joined the buttons and all the settings, units of 100 one second, the
mathematics will be taken into account? You want to set even a second
time, to import 100, and so on. Now I only according to the actual
situation by adding six key settings , it is necessary to disable the
case, can be set to 0.
* Screen brightness can now also prohibit automatic settings, and the
brightness is set to the value less than 25 banned.
* P thin the default search memory footprint and P fertilizer, like,
needs to increase its own set it.
* The update, together with the configuration file with the best coverage
Image found duplication "Huaping", check under your SCM directory TEMPDATA
whether there is a directory, if not please build a TEMPDATA empty directory.

In order to avoid some people say that SCM MOD memory footprint,
high-handed, I Analysis of memory occupied by the whole process:
1. Entering the game, will be automatically allocated a certain stack
memory, this can be ignored, not all plug-ins the same.
2.SCM MOD began loading configuration file, now about 300 bytes of
memory around.
3. Hotkey when you exhaled by the time SCM MOD:

* A. then begin adding code documentation, code memory space allocation,
about 500 * ((6 * 4) + 10 + 1) + 500 * (1 + 30 + 4) = 35000 bytes (35 K)
, this formula 500 is inside you set your code number determined by the
settings in the code where you can set the table two "500" value.
* B. initialization image, if you are compatible mode, the memory
footprint is 0 if non-compatibility mode, P fertilizer memory is
occupied about 30 K, P thin because of the use of the entire memory
cache, so you will occupy 276,480 (276k ) to 552960 (552 K) bytes of
memory, thin P also to be added by the double buffer memory, the memory
and just the two figures is the same, about the whole thin P 552960
(552K) - 1105920 (1M) bytes of memory.
* C. loading font, if it is thin P, then here you will occupy around
about 350 K of memory, external character of P fertilizer, the memory
footprint is 0.
* D. loading the code, but the code in the inside are two versions of
the plug-memory occupied 0.

ABCD 4:00 over occupied by the memory, are you from SCM MOD of the
interface automatically after your money back.
If you started to search for it, according to the settings you set
the value of fixed occupancy memory, if the default values to be the
case, as follows: (1024 * 4) * 2 + 4096 = 12,288 (12K), where the use
of memory help you is not released until you withdraw from the games
so far.
Of course, in operation inside the SCM MOD, will occupy some temporary
memory, does not exceed the basic 1280 (1 K) bytes, according to a
summary of the above:
1. P fertilizer use in all of the features, or about 77 K of memory,
if you opened the compatibility mode, just 42 K.
2. Thin all of the features in the use of P, about 1397 K (1.3M) around.
Compatibility mode after opening 397 K is about.

Contrast CMF again, although I am not accurately detailed know, the
rough is as follows: 2943 characters about 358,400 bytes (350 K),
the coding is 153,600 bytes (150 K) about memory about the code
(4 * 4 + 10) * 500 = 13000 (13K), search memory about (1024 * 4 * 2 =
8192 bytes (8 K)) Total 533,192 bytes (520 K). said reading from the
text more, SCM MOD read text only need 100 words Festival, is not K
bytes bytes, and read the text there is no restriction on the size,
the CMF is the largest read the text seems to be several hundred K?
memory footprint of about 150-400 K around it (this is almost
the number)?, a difference of 1000 -- .. 4000 times, which in memory
at a glance.
So what was raised again the question of memory footprint, what
Operation Dead, what Huaping, please check their own problems.
Now tell you that the data is not abstract theory. Hope you understand.

Image found there is indeed a problem, that image duplication
"Huaping", check under your stick Below TEMPDATA whether there
is a directory, if not please build a TEMPDATA empty directory.
TMD SONY .....

Read the text of the location of records stored in the document
indexing, that is to say, no matter what time you open the text
before opened, will automatically restore the closed position before.

1. Position has been preserved under the title of the location of stored
2. Accordance with all requirements will be quickly exhaled breath and
rapid memory view of the text-reading Shortcuts can change the settings.
Hotkey settings, the X button is disabled by the function, the function
of title can also use this approach banned.
3.SCM MOD search memory size can also set up.
4. Reading of the text background color now and procedures associated
with the background color, but non-transparent color.
5. Fuzzy search interface to a downward adjustment of the layout, and
its other two search mode interface alignment.
6. Small keyboard has been the center alignment of the text.

At 12:00 on the 27th:
1. Amendments to the text read a newline problem .. now work very well,
typesetting error discovered before, refresh button can be pressed
(the Quartet key).
2. Title to hotkey mode button in the settings options can be found
inside, if you download this version does not cover the configuration
file, then the first time to change your title hotkey.
3. Joined the transcoding. Only game in the name of conversion, the use
of the plug coding, coding library and font file blend together, and
you download the updated procedures to cover the original font file

After a Chinese version of the test overnight, with a compromise
solution to the memory P fertilizer shortages. Find most difficult
to breath a few of the game on a number of occasions to test the
contents of course, exhaled you, friends again no mention of the call,
please check under their own machines .. including some load testing,
for example, included in Section 500 of code and so on, has been
testing the system includes 371 m33 Feishou P-4 in two versions,
3.80m33-5 Feishou P two versions, 3.60-has not tested, but according
to theory is not the problem. now versions of the P fertilizer consumpt
ion of resources than before even less English, and some people do
not think that this sentence? normal, now look to SCMMOD , the memory
of the tensions it is impossible fertilizer P had also used a
Chinese character, but actually done.

P fertilizer compatibility mode after the open, transparent
results will be cancelled, the use of pure black background.
Purpose is to 100 percent compatibility and stability, and of
course, you do not open the so-called compatibility mode or,
when faced special game will also re-open.

January 25:
Chinese version can be used by adding the text reading (also support Chinese)
, SCM MOD can read the text does not limit the size of ..
Temporarily not available to download, in testing it .. one day later.
In the present date, SCM MOD can replace all the CMF, CMF Yes, SCM MOD
have, SCM MOD Yes, CMF may not have, the most important thing is that
SCM MOD One enthusiastic people in the maintenance ..
Now in solving compatibility problems, and accomplishing this, then
there is no reason not to be used by the

23, the update does not?important:
1. Amended several times to connect USB disconnect may freeze after
the issue. (In fact, I did not encounter this issue)
2. Interface certain words too long, out of the picture of the problem.
3. Adjusted OSK interface (mini-keyboard), which looks more comfortable
beautiful (if you do not cover the annex to this configuration file,
the default keyboard button non-transparent black, you can color where
changes in the interface: sbutton color).
4. Several small BUG, nothing's OK.
5. Search mode switch button to L / R switch for the standard search
/ Fuzzy Search / string search quickly switch between the three.
6. Read PSX games ID changed to slightly compared CW, which is the
standard do not know, the difference is that one is "-" line, a "_" line.
7. Join brightness capabilities, the brightness of the strongest
peacetime PSP only about 68, the lowest brightness is about 35 now in
the SCM MOD, you can freely between 25-99 screen brightness adjustment.
In the directory can be found STUFF related settings.

1. Join the CW format code for the preservation of functional
document in preserving the time you need to choose the format
can be preserved.
2. Re-enter with the 3.71 version of the IO BUG 3.80 temporarily
will not be restored, dark-alex today announced the 3.80 M33-5,
I read the changes, and that does not include the estimated BUG.
dark-alex BUG will not find that, unless someone to report it.
Actually, this BUG After my research, mainly due to be hung in
the threads. in a thread called sceIoRead read data when suddenly
hangs sceKernelSuspendThread thread, it would because "unable
to brake," which crashed. homemade current procedures, there is
no corresponding solutions, need to wait for a fix to the M33 ..

1. Filed before the crack encryption can be exported unencrypted
archived data can now be guided by the new data archiving wrote to
the official document archiving, and mode of operation is as simple
as opening the SAVE DATA MANAGER inside opened HACK SAVEDATA Then in
the game can be saved in an archive, mainly the preservation of archive
use of official operation, data is only written into the unencrypted
derived before filing it, the specific use if I do not explain the
time being, if the concern about this issue before the friends,
it should be noted that the use of the method. this function because
the programmers SONY "talent", it must at least apply to filings
with the same size and memory blocks can work, when it comes to memory
is the sore spot of the old P .. old P may sometimes can not use
this function, small P is absolutely ..
2. Read the code documents raise a lot of speed, for example, the
official code base CW (cheat.db).
Configuration and will not be used for the first time,
direct compression to extract the entire package to the
root directory of coverage, according to the game, "notes button"
breath, the notes hotkey button, click on it. <- Bold

1. Join the USB connectivity, the game can be directly connected to a PC, convenient DUMP files, copy / editing code, and so on.
2. Code now in the document list, allowing direct delete the stick above code files.
3. Code included in the paper, we can choose whether or not to clear the original code.
4. Dissatisfied with the amendments, such as the PSX screen of the game, left after the closure of SCM blur ....

As SCM MOD process has reached a file size limit to the size, now divided into two versions, one version of PSP games (scmmod.prx), a version of the PSX emulator (scmmod_pops.prx). Annex package already included these two documents

At 3:45 on the 17th:
1. Amended a dummy dead phenomenon that there is a voice, picture
frames ... this phenomenon will only appear in the relatively high
number of FPS games such as SONIC .. this game ..
2. SCM read format that the code problems.
3. Amended continuous "Open -> Close" N-th operation, the issue will
be dummy dead??
4. Memory DUMP into directory management, general DUMP on DUMP directory,
crack encrypted data on the archive directory .. SAVEDATA found playing
PSX emulator DUMP filings by just 128 K, it seems that this is the PS
games archive files , unconfirmed, and if so, it is equivalent to CW
derived PS filing function, I hope to play the PC version of the PS
emulator under test to help a friend.

Before working hours are not normally tested for too long, here this
evening fully tested more than eight hours, through the stability of
the test.

Download Plug-in the case, even the best configuration to cover.Dead friends again, I try to use the configuration file to see
a download .. annex ..
At 16:33 on the 16th at:
1. Thank you to look at the posts now, the stability of real version
is good, I believe that no one will no longer call for a freeze and
other issues, would like to thank those who have been raised by the
proposed freeze the XD, special thanks to the multi-395500615 The
2. Accession to the automatic exchange of XO key features automatic
detection procedures regional game, if it is the EU version of the
US version of the game, automatically XO bond exchange, for this and
other changes are not the same, this is a test to determine the need
after exchange. death is not solid exchange. in the Settings -> SCM
button setting-> XO Auto Swap can be found this option.

At 12:45 on the 16th:
1. Amended 3.80 non-encrypted file system cracked a problem because
it is a static address before the break, due to different systems,
address change, I have only two 3.80 machine, no way before the test,
so now ... Dynamic crack to automatically search function initial
address ..
2. Amended the exchange of a rocker, I Zhenben actually forget that
the PSP rocker with the concept of intensity, the intensity of less
than before the simulation, some game "can not move" is now the
greatest intensity of the simulation .. all normal .. (PS: Play PSX
emulator, if we find that people are not operating, to see next
whether to open up a rock swap functions, because the PSX emulator
also has its own rocker swap function may result in conflict ..)
3. Cancelled automatically loads the code CW official function,
this function is too affected first start speed, and now CW official
code to load the library, directly in the code by the Quartet on the
button you can see the cheat. db the document. selected by loading
circle, automatically find more games ID code, you can also CW official
PSX game to put the code, as SCM MOD identification ID PSX games will
be loaded automatically. after can also separate code file extension
to. db named, loading the same way ..

At 0:22 on the 16th at:
1.PSP archive files are encrypted has been, has now cracked the SCM
MOD file encryption technology can be directly to the archived data
unencrypted DUMP out this function can ignore novice, veteran natural
know. In the directory MEMORY MANAGER This option can be found, the
use of methods: in the game as long as read or preserve a record of
the game, it can automatically track to archived data memory location,
directly in the SAVADATA MEMORY MANAGER, select the options can be
filed before the unencrypted data DUMP out, this can be used as the
reference .. I find the next target is how to seize the filing function
pointer to achieve any game any time archiving capabilities.
2. Amended P, in some small games, opened SCM MOD show only half of
the interface problems and old P is not the existence of this problem.

At 17:23 on the 15th I hope that we will not blame the rapid renewal,
said in a Renxiong to see Tanzi (Rocker exchange / share) function as
a unique advantages say I was uncomfortable, and took 25 minutes to
join this function, You can Settings -> SCM button setting -> D-pad
and Analog find this setting, passing the list of code words to set
up a distance, now looks more comfortable.

Some do not know how to tell the brothers use, you first download
corresponding versions of the system you SCM MOD, small P download
PSP Slim 3.80M33-2.rar, download all the old P SCM Mod 3.80M33-2.rar,
in addition to 371 Whether you are outside what system can be used to
directly extract corn root directory can be. configure plug-ins if
you do not, then downloaded directly to extract seplugins.rar also
can be the root directory, according to notes from the game after
bond Breath [bond notes is not the volume key Oh].
I had given up 3.71, and 3.80 was perfect because if you are 371
system, I suggest that you upgrade to 3.80, I have 2-PSP upgrade
to 3.80, is not changed brick upgrade brownout accidents, I can
find claims.

At 13:00 on the 15th, 3.80 M33-1 inside, the official closure of
access to CPU frequency and battery API information, I am 2:00
when it cracked, the author can not think of M33 immediately to
the M33-2 version This is a major repair API ..
At last night, leading to the M33-1 version SCM MOD in the M33-2
will be running inside Dead ..
Now I had to change, placed for the M33-2 SCM MOD. NOTE: M33-1
and M33-2 some different places (wow, high efficiency is not
good but we should not blame me ~~~).. ah, not Oh .. my fault
is the fault of M33

At 13:47 on the 15th and found that 3.80 has returned to the
3.60-1.5 core, that is to say non-3.7 series before the procedure
can be run in the 3.80 support. If you are using the CMF, you can
use 3.60-version of the CMF, All can be normal.
It seems we can feel at ease farewell 3.60-system, as 371 friends,
direct upgrade to 3.80 M33-2 bar, now uniformity of the .., the way,
the small memory Area 8 P What, in fact small P8 District SONY
Corporation was originally intended to do UMD cache region, in a
small P system settings, you can open the UMD cache function, if
you have been playing ISO is the case, I suggest you shut down
this feature, but if you play UMD is the CSO or so, you will open
after Dupan bring speed upgrade.

3.80M33 == 3.60--2

Annex version of the 371 had been deleted, and the version 3.60-3.8 M33-2 version is the same, 3.60-3.80 has already reverted to the core, so no difference after three. XX version, 3.71 friends can upgrade 3.80 M3-2 the

On the 14th, it is also minor updates, encountered similar situations can consider
updating had crashed off the proposed updates to friends:
1. Joined the identification PSX (PS emulator) game titles and ID, can be identified
only CW ID, but not the name recognition, and now both the SCM can be identified,
PSX games and PSP games are not the same, need access to the PSX game Title game can
be found only after its name and ID, so play PSX games, the best access to the title
game after exhaled plug-ins ..
2. An unexpected amendment, I did not expect CW is the official code name actually
has a 40 character "heading the party," read the name of the time these will overflow the Dead.

So far, the SCM MOD wasted a lot of time, I now also very satisfied. No big problem
after it is not renewed. Further pursuing the case, I am waiting to receive a large envelope.

Incidentally some tips: impact of the stability of the old P following two reasons:
1. Whether to open up the compatibility mode.
2. Your code and the code of the group is the number too much? Smaller so more stable.
More than two options can be set up to find inside.

Write a summary:
Currently popular among the three major Lao Jin (CW, CMF [ie the original CM0.6 revision],
SCM MOD [ie CM0.7 revision]), advantages and disadvantages compared rightly said:

* Interface: SCM interface is the most beautiful, and the CW interface is the ugliest
one of the first CW gives the impression is often "Huaping." CMF interface more honest,
text resolution relatively high. SCM-16 Below relatively ugly game, the game is more obvious Jijingling.
* Operation friendly: SCM use of two-way cross vertical layout, and the menu choices were
even better in terms of the speed of a chip, automatic restoration of the higher-level
menu cursor position is very humane, CW and CMF is vertical layout, you need to more often
in the direction of the bond before You have to be elected to the menu item.
* Friendly interface: CMF use of the Chinese language interface, the text more clearly,
so the interface is friendly, SCM [too thick, the use of transparent effects, fonts rough
is the road that must be taken. CW .. super unfriendly interface, and newcomers stop and look.
* Ease of use: SCM is the most user-friendly of all the wizard generated code, the code
division management ease-of-use are the strongest performance, CMF and the original
CM0.6,没?more can it say, the easy CW use of the super-poor is ...
* Code support and Transplantation: CW Japan is the most popular software Goldfinger,
with a strong customer base, large source code, the basic code contains all official
game code, this is a witness to the force of the masses .. CMF and SCM itself CM Series
Therefore, the default format support *. TAB, TAB format non-text format, to amend
inconvenient, but by adding support for CW CMF official cheat.db read the code,
but the code storage capacity, portability bad, poor management alone. SCMMOD
subsequently joined the cheat.db code base support to the Independent CW format support,
and fault-tolerant high, SCM is currently compatible with the strongest code.
* Humanity: the human right of the SCM MOD only one way to users with the development
of software will be the most humane side.
* Robust: CW Habitat No. 1 spot is no doubt that with 2:00 to take a firm boss position,
the first point is to support memory-compilation instructions Show, the second point
is to support USB PC directly connected to edit. With本心said, Anti-alone compilation
that features, I can do that not a few people.
* Search speed: SCMMOD is currently the fastest, this is true, but will soon catch up
with the CW to estimate. CMF revision momentum appears to be insufficient to update
a somewhat slower pace.
* Search Technology: only CW and SCM MOD support ASII text search. CMF fuzzy search
thinning out, divided into 8 BIT 16BIT 32BIT fuzzy search, and more search options are,
but compared SCM MOD search technology, the basic function is redundant ,
SCM MOD is adopted 8 BIT search speed, but contain 16 BIT 32BIT search results,
using a single comparison. so there is no need to refine 8 BIT BIT 16BIT still 32,
does not need to be ignored in a number of these options >=,<= . CW is not strong here,
when it comes to search capabilities, CW is the strongest, but on condition that the
user must be a level of the people (starting with the anti-compilation). rumors before
the sentence "The current code is senior CW plus CMF search out, "I find it strange,
it can be said that the CW just, How to raise a CMF not? with digital search and fuzzy search,
you can found senior code?
* Memory Footprint: The memory consumption is small version of the SCM MOD P, P small
space by 32 M game is not yet available memory will occupy, which is also one of
the advantages, followed by the CMF, the CMF is the memory consumption in the text
and the encoded file, followed by SCM, SCM consumption of local memory interface is
transparent to achieve. CW is the most in memory, although functional CW strong,
but not many functions, memory occupied area is the least.
* Code input: the most convenient is SCM, followed by the CMF, the worst is CW ...
there are a few people know is how CW input code? ..
* Commands support: The three basic software has been unified command, I joined the
SCM MOD was some art commands (such as strengthening bond-code), can ignore ...
* Unique advantages: CW is a strong anti-compilation features USB connectivity.
CMF is the Chinese language interface, and all the buttons, reading and rocker Chinese
document exchange. SCM MOD is a convenient memory view of the code of human nature guide.

With the above conclusion, came to the following conclusions:
If you are a

The major update version for small P, the old P versions have yet to pass the test, later placed. Updated as follows:
* 1. Use double buffering image, now switch interface (such as opening menu, switching memory view of the scroll list, etc.),
there are not flashing, before I say this is the role of memory retention.
* 2. Search buffer will increase to 25 M, not white not ah anyway.
* 3. Completely for the fuzzy search algorithm, a single-single-byte comparison, this is the focus of this update, ultra-high precision,
and after the test results are as follows:
O a. first search speed (that is not initialized Oh, it is 0), two years ago I bought 2 G assembly stick, the search speed is only six seconds,
the second after the search speed of not more than 2 seconds. third above, are generally completed within 0.5 seconds. speed of the fast is
unprecedented. now CMF contrast, a search speed is about 2.2 times its third meeting on the above .. not say.
O b. precision of the search results, search CMF volume is generally about 70 percent, depending on the game vary, but the maximum is 70 basic,
sometimes only 50 percent (10 W above search results it is normal that, precision 5 W , and you are very good), the general fuzzy search,
the basic five times within a result, single-byte comparison of the single-mode, in addition to reducing the data copied to the stick capacity,
it also reduced the repetition rate, but!! definitely not less leakage half of the estimated results .. this algorithm is the most clever.
O if not the letter, please self-test, if not true, a welcome Jiaoma altar, the fastest Goldfinger search procedure, which deserved the sentence.
* 4. In the search results list, joined by the Quartet button switch 16 hex and 10 hexadecimal, before "all the results add" button assigned to the "Select [SELECT]."
The first of these points and the third point is very important update is so, that the most satisfied with the update.

1. Joined the button-yards
2. Pointer Code amended before the issue of a lead Dead
3. Joined the original target compression code, sufficient to meet before and now encountered by the dynamic modification request.
3. View once again strengthen memory, divided into five kinds of views (8-bit 16-band view of 8-bit 10-band view,
the view of 16-bit 10-band, 32-bit 10-band view, ASCII coding view, basically to revise the data at a glance,
direct support situ editing, after modifying data, no longer need to show your calculator.
memory View Show is to amend the means to master the most commonly used,
hope that the update brings convenience to you, do not understand and can see the annex title ).
4. Bookmark function in the memory view, the specific operation in the need for the position directly on the label,
"notes Bond," in any position to return to their labels, only direct to the "Select [select],"
and this is mainly because I usually in the habit of switching between different addresses,
and often lost the direction, so the functions can be easily return immediately.
there is another role in the search value is the column by the triangle button labels can be copied directly into the address,
as of the beauty, only done Pointer Code friends on the most clearly.
5. Memory view, if the address where the "value" is a pointer value,
directly on the triangle button can be transferred to the target by at the address,
major objectives is to facilitate Show at the content of the code.
6. Join the scope DUMPMEMORY, by adding clear all DUMPFILE.
7. Adjustment of the layout of the next menu, and some of the more human.

I think CW has been the author of the lack of enthusiasm, he Goldfinger only
to the traditional software functions to the same and do not come forward
innovation and also will not be considered in the light of audience problem.
Before I also hope that they can update better,
You want to achieve some of the functions, but their wait, as their hands
affluence. So this will be a modified version, I think no matter what software is,
it is necessary to develop a good software, the software must be the author passion
And very familiar with the software, but also point out that he also frequently use
the software. Achieve the above requirements, we can develop a good software.

Fuzzy search for the slow speed bottleneck (whether or CW CMF SCM),
the bottleneck is the speed of read-write memory stick by the slow,
because fuzzy search memory to the original data to a complete cloning to a memory stick,
the present Fuzzy search speed, which did not say on which strong weak.
fuzzy search itself is a simple comparison of data does not exist?algorithm to speak,
if we say that good and fast algorithm is unreasonable.
Only increase the speed of only two ways, one is to accelerate the speed Memory Stick reader,
the other is to reduce the amount of data read and write, so I do a revision,
which was to write to the Memory Stick data GZIP Compression to reduce the volume of data processing.
Success is a success, but did not bring improvement, the compressed data generally between 6-10 M,
24 M than the original whole 2-3 times less, but they faced a new bottleneck is related to data
compression computing, the entire search process and there was no obvious
Speed improvements. Really Still failed ah ...

About six yards indicator code format (ALEXWONG Posts copied from):
0x6aaaaaaa 0x000000vv
0x0000nnnn 0xiiiiiiii
0x9sssssss 0xwwwwwwww
Line 3 of 9 yards compression code is the additional trip.
Nnnn said that the number of indicators pointing code data is written into the frequency offset is sssssss iiiiiiii said that the incremental volume
(16 - bit and 32 - bit corresponding to the double, reverse indicator of the code that offset declining volume) , said wwwwwwww amend the incremental value of vv.
When nnnn = 0001, the general guideline is that the original code, only write data once, then it will need additional nine yards, and the original six yards compatible;
(in the original six yards nnnn part of the grading guidelines that few, but from the game need to use more than two indicators has been so nnnn 1, are now being replaced
by more useful to the direction of the number and will not affect the existing six yards) If nnnn> 0001 when the code is compressed, and you have needs Below that definition
of 9 yards to offset the jump size and the changes of the value.
The other 16 - bit and 32 - bit code and reverse indicators is similar format.

I used the popular argument is:
Aaaaaaa obtained from the address of an integer as an address to be modified, this is the address you want to add iiiiii started revising the address. Nnnn cycle, to amend,
modify each will be coupled with the value of vvvvvvvv wwwwwwww.
After revision, and then address value plus (1 multiplied by sssssss) [1 of this source 0 x0000nnnn inside the statement, if it is 0 x0000nnnn is multiplied by 1, if it is
0 x0001nnnn is multiplied by 2, if it is 0 x0002nnnn is multiplied by 4 ].

0x9sssssss in SCM MOD inside do not need a nine-word statement, because SCM MOD use packet management, without special distinction. Arbitrary numerical you can be written, the proposed 0 x0sssssss.

Below the small examples:
This is the guideline for Xinghai before the code compression format.
6022D140 0000A000 01020001 05000000
6022D140 0000A000 00020500 00000000 90000001 00000001

Although the change into six yards rules, but that still can be simplified entry of more. Such as similar modifications:

($ Money
A new $ $ $ (20CA8F18 0098967F 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000))

Can be directly written

($ Money
A new $ $ $ (20CA8F18 0098967F))

The four groups behind the 00 million surplus can also delete the.

CW similar to the compression codes and guidelines CM indicator code, before the general use of the need to "condition code" to detect a target value.
You will find the CW pointer in front yards will have a similar code:
In SCM MOD inside because of the intelligent identification, so there is no need to add conditions code detection.

# Memory that ASCII editor, and if the editor is a non-visible characters in character, may be a long white bottom line ..
# View that the other four may arise edit fonts overlap.
# Amended in view of memory access by START add a code wizard BUG, when the address of choice is not a multiple of 4, will freeze.
# Amendment to the code is not kept by the guide, and a great improvement to the code wizard, now code wizard can generate all the code format, and even
if you do not know how to code format, as long as you Little E, few can fool generated code ,
you do not understand E text also, I Below the picture provided in the annex.
# *. TAB amendment before reading the document a mistake (not yet tested).
# Add a guideline to copy code, and code wizard joined the option.
# The number of code has been optimized to reduce the size of the document, and the use of a sophisticated methods to raise at least 2 times the speed of the search,
said a person is not overlooked 0 X0 value and 0 xFF value so simple.
# Key-code compatible to CW, key-code format and CW exactly the same format ..
# Add that the batch results, if the results include non-4 multiple addresses triggered Dead problems.
# Included in the smart code audit, and does not lead to 1:00 careless wrong code code execution Dead.

================================================== =
Bond joined the strengthening of code, the following form:
Incremental Code:
A revision to the address or addresses pointer.
O said that increasing or decreasing, and that increasing the importation of 4,6 Expressing clawback
K is the key code, it could be combination code.
P is amended, is revised guidelines directly address or modify. If the address changes to the importation of 0,Guidelines modify the input 1
V is the volume increased each time.
S is offset value, if P statement in front of the revised guidelines, offset values can be set here.
N is the minimum.
M is the maximum.
================================================== ==
Strengthening the role of key-code where?
1. If some action games, by modifying a value to the replacement of equipment, such as Castlevania amend deputy equipment, weapons, etc. Mojie village Laws can be strengthened through key-code to direct button switch weapons.
2. Some changes such as RPG friends, all the props need to be transcribed by name, can be key in a code bundled Daojulan, every click of a switch props, then copying all the props on the need to facilitate more.
3 .............. there are a lot

Join the dynamic cache allocation in the application cache strongly circumstances, the old P can be applied to up to 51,200 * 2 * 4 byte (400 K, cache it to 51,200 search results) as a search cache, as many small P 32 M out of memory,
can be used to 2097152 * 2 * 4byte (16 M, can in fact be applied to more, or leave more as a back-up image cache bar),
In fact, the Earth will know that the sooner the cache, the less number of IO, search certainly sooner, the original use of cache is SCM 1024 * 2 * 4byte (8K), the number of basic IO is now 50 times, which is P's 16,384 times the gap,
really terrible, if your stick is not garbage wand, stick to the speed of 4 m / s and above it (in fact, if not in the cottage goods Need garbage can also reach this speed) , then Whether it is a standard search or fuzzy search,
the speed can certainly improve your satisfaction. multiples just stick this literacy gap between the number of times it is the actual operation of the speed gap, but such a large increase, the operating speed is also accelerated. Small P obviously ..
If you are a small P, then there would be even more can it say, the basic search will not see "light stick" flashing, unless it is first and second fuzzy search, or is your search to "0" value.
In the search interface can see that the current distribution of cache memory area and size of the old 51200 P is the largest, is the largest small P 2097152, in accordance with the current memory usage of automatic adjustment in the search algorithm to
optimize the exclusion of some redundant The results,
Please believe me, you will not exclusive to search out the contents.
Since P has a strong memory as a backup, image cache memory to directly put, we can boldly before the closure of the "compatibility mode" to increase speed (the speed interface switching speed).
The use of the dynamic cache allocation, also put an end to a game called no search interface issues, such as the village is very Mojie game (memory occupied little of the game, a game malicious businessmen occupy memory) ..
P dedicated small version of the column in the annex

============================ The following contents and the procedures little ============== ==================
PSP district details:
1 (kernel high)
Topaddr = 0x88000000, size = 0x300000 (3 MB), attr = 0x0C
2: (user)
Topaddr = 0x08800000, size = 0x1800000 (24 MB), attr = 0x0F
3: (mirror of partition 1)
4: (kernel low)
Topaddr = 0x88300000, size = 0x100000 (1 MB), attr = 0x0C
5: (volatile)
Topaddr = 0x08400000, size = 0x400000 (4 MB), attr = 0x0F
6: (mirror of partition 2)
8: (new in the psp slim!)
Topaddr = 0x8A000000, size = 0x1C00000 (28 MB), attr = 0x0C
10: (new in psp slim!)
Topaddr = 0x8BC00000, size = 0x400000 (4 MB), attr = 0x0C

According to the above shows,
Area 2 is the game of the regional data, the initial address is 0 x08800000, this figure is very familiar with?
Is why the search target this time and there is a relationship between the.
Zone 1 is the core area, the system of procedures, the key regional crack PSP ..
District 8 is a natural treasure trove of you, not only big, but nobody looting, it is easy ..

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