FREE CHEAT at 0:45 on April 22 to join regular shutdown / standby,
hotkey shutdown / Stand

Network-Download Address:

3.90 system is the use of 3. Version of the XX, to upgrade systems
after inspection plug-ins have been opened. Had already tested
3.90-M33-2 system. Everything normal.

P thin homemade version is not compatible with certain procedures,
please use the version ..... manure fertilizer P P P fertilizer
must use version can be used arbitrary P thin version of P fertilizer
is the use of thin P version will freeze up.

The first time to open the text of the need to be patient in awaiting
the completion of the creation index files, not think that is Dead,
I have demonstrated before opening the text of 12 million words have
no problem.

Why USB connection Sometimes failure is mainly because the PSP system
in the loading PRX paper size restrictions, FC own file size of about
170 K around to try to load the USB drive PRX, the core zone will
encounter the shortage of memory (In fact, not memory, is not allowed
to re-loading system), the failure of this issue does not seem to
directly address inside FC, the FC unless the document control
procedures within 100 K bar, but only impossible, and not in the
original functional above FC PRX further reduction in the size of
the document, is the most optimized code has not been able to
streamline If you must use USB functions, but also in the FC inside
failure, you can try the following:
FC in the new edition of the directory fcusb.prx below one more
document, you ms0: / seplugins / game.txt document to join his party:
ms0: / FreeCheat / fcusb.prx, and the plug-in will resume mode Below
opened, so After you enter the game, FW will be loaded automatically
connect USB drive.

Crack archiving function can refer to the use of the application of
this posting:

FREE CHEAT introductory tutorial can refer to the posting:

CW official address to download the code, you can regularly updated
about. (Right choose "Save Target As"):

On crack archiving capabilities, analytical why monster hunter prone to
filing damage:
Monster hunters use the 2nd archiving operation, the time when creating
Xinrenwu actually filing is the first time operation, usually in the
game of the second filing archiving operations.
FC real-time interception of archived data after each operation archiving
of data, if the second operation after DUMP filed by the data, the figure
is the current selection of the data, the data does not include figures
name, and so on. First filing Data figures only include the name ..
FC interception undisguised archived data, and LOBOKO not the same, is
an official LOBOKO integrity of the archive will be decrypted, FC crack
in the archive is not BUG, DUMP out and write data back to 100 percent loyal.
FC repeatedly encountered similar archiving operation of the game are likely
to be damaged archived data, although that is "likely", but does not operate
blunders, is a "rare" appearance. Therefore crack archiving operation,
I suggest first a backup the original archived data.
Appears before archived data on the damage to a friend, I would like to
apologize to you, I do not advise you to file backup, please do not blame
the "K9999K" K9999K really realized the function he said, as to why some
people use it damage to the filing, the possibility to be considered.

FreeCheat immediate filing guidelines:
1, only PSP200X series.
2, the "system settings - hotkey set up" immediately set up inside archive / Reading file hotkey. Complete game in the use of hot keys for instant archive / Reading file.
3, entered the game in full after the instant archive / Reading stall operators. For example, 2 G entered the village.
4, due to different speed memory stick, archive time in 10 seconds to five seconds between the time reading files in five seconds to three seconds between.
5, due to stability reasons, only supports the use of PSP games, PS simulators and self-made software will not be any support.
6, the use of on-line will cause disconnection.
7, the use of closed UMD cache and all power-saving settings. (Important !!!)。

December 18, 2008:
Under the amended 5.00M33 music player of the standby issue

5.00M33 amendment with a conflict of popsloader
Amendments to the stripes off the problem

October 28, 2008 small update:
CW implementation of the amended form multi-level indicator Code as a "pointer out of line" Death, FC prior to the use of multi-level indicator Code format, to avoid this problem.
Pointer out of touch means: multi-level indicator Code, to reach one of the jump, addresses the wrong target.

Oct. 17:
1. Revision of a core of the NID, to support the 5.0M33!

September 16:
1. Some special characters that appear "broken text."
2. Dialog default game for the English language compulsory, the only dialog] will not affect the system and the game's language.
3. Again changed the memory allocation strategy, it would be better, or worse.
4.7, 30 days after the version, in order not to M33 and the immediate filing of conflict, will be prohibited from using the memory of the District 8 Division. Now is prohibited 4.01 or more system does not enable the District 8 area as a lasting memory data storage.

August 18
The update is in the last 10 days, in view of the audience raised a number of fine small BUG no revision. Not elaborated on what specific.
Perhaps you encountered before the problem can be resolved in this version.

July 31
Can be directly targeted to amend the guidelines by the code address, to support multi-level / copy the code, and other indicators (support FC, CW both the format) mode of operation: the code inside, selected a pointer code, according to O bond pop-up menu , Select "Show pointer position."

July 30:
1. Amend the code to read a document, if the name is too long, will lead to overflow problems.
2.7 from 28 to resolve the "breath / screenshot yellow light Dead", when there is a BUG, when the two threads simultaneously read and write when the yellow light will still appear, has been resolved.

July 28:
1.HOOK way to change the function to achieve M33
2. Video output shut down, you can restore full use of memory.
3. Perfect solution of the 380 + system is not a patch FAT the "breath / screenshot yellow light Dead".
4. Perfect solution in the archive immediately after the resumption of standby, F1 data loss caused by the problem.

July 25:
1. CW increase the compatibility of the multi-pointer code,
there's no need to demand the use of the conversion

July 24:
1. Browse the collection, it will be at the bottom of the screen displays the current page number and total pages of information.
2. Withdraw from the collection here, at that time will remember the location and number of pages, at any time will automatically open the reduction.
3. Browse the collection, press the button to switch to turn the pages, note the number in between 1 and 10 to switch.
4. Browse the collection, if the current picture width of less than or equal to 480, then press the Left / Right, will become flip operation.

July 22:
1.CPU a function of frequency settings to use the M33 to provide the function.
2. Accession to JPG photo album.

July 17:
Join Multi-pointer copy instructions, methods and standards for the use of the single-copy guide similar directive, simply creates the last two lines of indicators slightly modified with the third line with just a VerifyCode.
For example, "up to combat the universe," the game of the HP address is [[[0 x158BFE0] +0 x00] +0 xF0], and HP said the current maximum address is [[[0 x158BFE0] +0 x00] +0 xF4].
HP unabated to write the code, the need to [[[0 x158BFE0] +0 x00] +0 xF4] on the numerical copied to the [[[0 x158BFE0] +0 x00] +0 xF0], the code is written:
_L 0x6158BFE0 0x00000000
_L 0x00060000 0x00000000
_L 0x60000000 0x00000004
_L 0x00000001 0x000000F4
_L 0x100000F0 0x00000000
So that may be a bit La Suo, but to understand the code pointer friends should understand that very quickly over the.

July 16:
1. Crack archive of the implementation of export, with the game archive encryption KEY also derive them together, can provide to a third party filing procedures for the use of crack, such as the SED this process.
2. Joined the regular wake-up call the function of the system, for a time value (minutes), the system will be shut down or sleep, arrived at the designated time, the system automatically activate / wake-up call.

July 14:
1. Archive crack no longer need to take up any memory resources, the old P also may at any time using this feature.
2. Resumption of the need to change operating behavior, can at any time into (to write) or derived (DUMP).
3. For repeatedly filing of the game, SAVEDATA directory will generate a series of data files, using ID_0.SAV, ID_1.SAV and other documents naming, it is necessary to transplant it, simply copy the entire directory, the program will automatically identify.
4. "Archive" is shown above the archived data, "the source address", press O button will open the memory view, directly targeted to that address.
5. Amending the amendment would lead to lockups color interface problems.
6. Archive operation cracked a slight change in the way:
a. Export Archive: Open "archive data management," in "the current operation of" select "Export", directly in the game in the implementation of a filing, will "FREECHEAT / SAVEDATA" automatically generate a directory of the same name SAV documents.
b. import archive: will be modified or good backup copy of the archive to "FREECHEAT / SAVEDATA" directory, open the "archive data management," in "the current operation of" select "Import", directly in the implementation of the game in the archive First, get.
Over operation without the resumption of the game or FC, then when can direct execution.
7. Join at any time to change the game (FC in the "other projects -> replacement game," inside to open the file browser, check you want to run the ISO documents, press the button on the O, ISO files can be placed under any directory)
8. Hotkey to join the resumption of the game is the resumption of direct current games.

0710 version: recompiled, more stable performance

0708 version:
1. Archive immediately joined the FASTLZ compression, archive so more
slowly, reading the files faster .....
2.F1 the issue back to the past, if you use instant archive, and if
the middle of a stand-off, then when you exit the game, please shut
down, or else the data would be damaged F1. FC use the "fast exit Game,
"hotkey, can automatically determine whether you need to shut down,
if the conditions to achieve, FC reboot the system itself (380 + users
will restart, 380 - users will handle the implementation of shutdown).

July 5 update:
1. Archive has been resolved immediately after the reading of the dormant file damage flash1 situation.
2. Flash1 because the problem has ceased to exist, the cross-"game," read the archives for abolition of the shield, can now be read on one (or N), the archive records. With this compatibility issues will be different games Differences in some games can be read in the other game archive (for example, before I do the "iron fist" the immediate filing, I now playing in "Monster Hunter", I read Iron Fist direct the immediate filing of the game can immediately Converted to iron fist), this feature may be that there are still some risks, but the tests than similar software to be much more stable.
3. For July 3 version of the amendment may be repeated shots of the situation.
4. M33 in order to meet the immediate archiving, FC will not further the main data saved to 8, because the M33 immediately read the file, it will restore 1, 2, 6, therefore, the key data saved to 1,2, One of six areas to read M33 good work. Set up a code before the number of search results cache and a few friends need to check whether the memory brought enormous expenditure in the zone 1, 2, 6
5. Immediately read the archive, please try to read into the game after
6. Brightness of each memory is no longer press the button screen settings are preserved, as will often write the stick, it is now time to withdraw from the game to make a save operation
7. Increasing the cache size of the archive reading

July 3
Main greatly enhance the stability of RTS. This improvement is still out cross-shielding
"game," read the archives, read the game because of cross-filing may result in damage to F1,
resulting in loss of configuration information PSP users.

June 29:
1. Thin P in the game mode, the character will be entirely to the cache memory (about 300 K), in reducing additional time to read the text read character operation.
2.M33-4.01 system access to the original function of the CPU frequency was changed, the old version of the FC CPU frequency will be displayed in the wrong. Improved.
3. Cache the results of several search is on the Friends of the proposal, now the largest increase can be set to search for the 10 M memory cache, you can browse 1310720 results.
4. Join the automatic memory brightness settings, with the use of brightness that, to meet the many special needs.
5. Activated after the game, you can breath procedures. Before the delayed start to seem of little use, even without further delay the launch.
6. Compressed the procedures, so this update includes all the relevant documents Prx.

June 10:
1. Ban OSK, archive / read the file dialog XO button is the exchange of the game. Default button to confirm O, X button cancelled
2. Video output joined the closure of the PSP screen options.
3.USB enhance connectivity compatibility.

June 6,
immediately improve the basic archiving, amended to read as follows BUG
1. Sometimes can not be read many times ......
2. Strengthen stability, the situation did not encounter Dead
Please enthusiastic PSP200X trial.

June 4
FC joined the instant archive / Reading file function
1. This feature can only be PSP2000 use of the above models.
2. At present, there are some problems: a. each of the archive files can only be effective when the games. B. part of the game after reading a long time interval may be filed Dead.
3. Use of items: must be fully re-entered the game use, to avoid the use of the screen in the title game.
4. Since the initial version, there Dead is inevitable.
5. How to use: FC in the hotkey configuration, the corresponding configured hotkey, games can be directly press ..

Once again reminded: This version available only to the pursuit of new features FC professional users, only Changxian, has been successfully tested some of its most popular game, the old P can not be used, it is necessary to do a good job in preparing the Dead, thank you.

June 3
Solve some of users shots; screenshot of the name change;
P users against some of the new problems encountered by the amendment - that if all the procedures made it stand apart from the loss of all the English character code and search results are also key configuration may be lost

Note that in order to fully protect the Memory Stick data, improve individual systems yellow light breath of the Dead, the current version of the amendment FC VSH or for entry into the game after 15 seconds to breath

May 31:
PSP1000 perfect version of the video output

May 28:
1. Image browsing strengthen, support image rotation. SELECT button on rotation picture.
2. BMP format picture to support.
3. Remotejoy order to support the XMB, leading to the following SELECT XMB can not breath VSHMENU, has been amended.
4. There are several small BUG: Chinese file name support for the BUG, code execution threads BUG.

At 13:30 on May 26 as amended:
1. XMB under the breath that led to FC M33 VSH Menu abnormal situation
2.XMB to support the rocker / key exchange, you can try to use joystick operation XMB menu

May 26 (version 1.0 integrated all the problems identified major
1. When the search results when too many of the Dead (usually search 0,
it would Dead, as the result of many 0).
2. Not a non-PSP / PSX games to increase code, the code will add the
problem of crashes.
3. When the memory of the time, there will be unable to open the file
to the situation. Documents to support the Chinese, the consumption of
memory and your memory stick the size of the document information. When
you stick an invalid document
information, may need memory Is the number one terrorist figures. Now
faced a similar situation, the Chinese will be closed the file name
support, the use of the system default file browser API.
4. Video output to the replacement of the algorithm, now the default
in the 222 CPU frequency, the video can be maintained to around 30 FPS
(no card games, sonic boom), the original speed parameters is still
valid, if 30 FPS can not satisfy your request, Accelerate to a higher
FPS, video output on the PC side has certain requirements to meet the
requirements of the PC side, to achieve more than 50 PFS is not a
problem. Thank James F so good for us to improve the algorithm.
5. Video output that is "remotejoy (original author James F)", is a
PC-directly on "PSP" software, support PC side of the keyboard operation
and handle the operation, as before speed is not satisfactory, I
abolished the PC - Operation, and now restored this function. (Keys
can be mapped to set your own, the default button configuration: Q = L,
W = R, A = □, S = △, Z = ×, X = hours, and air To step = SELECT,
enter key = START, keyboard keys = PSP key to the attention of: We can cope with the FC strengthen the function keys used together, need to have the rocker PSP game, you can use the joystick function FC Alternative), RemoteJoySDL this software does not support the keyboard operation, to support the keyboard operation, please use the annex to the original remotejoy_gui.
6. XMB model below, FC also support the strengthening of the function
keys, remotejoy function can also support the operation of the XMB.
7.XMB mode, the time to withdraw from FC will not be key in response to
the XMB (for example, in XMB Below the use of "screen shots" of the
menu, keys, will be directly reflected in the XMB).
8. Video output to support some special strange game, such as Ji
Jingling this game, using a "interlaced scanning? ", I have the
original video capture algorithm re-wrote the above, it is estimated
that only support those strange games , Not tested IR, IR estimates
do not support these games (the disease are as follows: a formidable
screen jitter, only to see half of the screen).
9. PSP2000 machines for the opening of 8 / 10 areas of memory as the
video output of the cache (thanks to the help of moonlight, although
his answer is wrong, but it inspired me), to avoid in real time video
output, exhaled "Archive / Reading file" Dead interface issues, but
also avoid some of the game is not compatible with the problem. PSP1000
machines There is no good way to do video output compatibility, I
adopted the "evasive archive / Reading file" approach To avoid crashes
in games archive / read files, video output will be suspended to avoid
a success because the archive / Reading stall led to the Dead, but the
game still exist and some of the conflict situation (such as the GTA
games, 100% Dead).
10. Has been cold-shouldered the USB connectivity, can now PSX game
in normal use, and video output can also use the PSX games.
11. Video output, can withdraw from the games, do not need to manually
shut down video output. (Not to close before the video directly from
games, may Dead).
12. Video output, open the file to be garbled the issue of the amendment.

13. There are two small BUG, is quickly exhaled memory view / read the
text interface, the status bar disappear (perhaps some people like this
that the better to see more).
Recently the development of the situation:
1. Has been successful practice of the PSP's memory can be directly
mapped to the PC side, the use of the PC-directly edit, search, using
this method, it can be completely abandon the basic FC's own search
2.FC format e-books, WIN32 in the development stage of the production
3. Try to use the FC (core mode) directly exhaled system OSK, so that
the development of PSP OSK support Chinese character input system is
feasible, exhaled system browser is also possible.
4. Aware that a number of things the bottom of the PSP, can be called
the core / user mode of function (API), the core plug-in that can
identify the function of many.
5. Arbitrary archive has given up the function, although the data can
be archived, can also breath archive interface, but the game itself
does not update the data archive, it is actually stored on an archive
of data, so this feature to give up.

May 23:
1. Joined the picture browsing, support JPG, PNG and the PSX Raiders
(. DAT), and other formats. Memory of the circumstances sufficient to
support the image of smooth rolling and image scaling. Rocker support
efforts to control rolling speed. L / R button Is switching picture
(in the PSX is a flip book), is moving to accelerate, bond, △ key is
the slow movement, START button is interrupted. □ key is image scaling
(zoom images are four models, 1. Default size. 2. Automatically match
W / high .3. Width .4 match. Matching height).
2. Screenshot support for the preservation of JPG / PNG / BMP format,
such as three kinds, and under the name of the game screenshot file
name ID. Screenshot settings can be set in the quality and screenshots
JPG format.
3. Acceded to the document browsing, Memory Stick support to all the
documents, and to all PSP system to support Chinese document from here,
can also support Chinese document VSH below (this is also the need to
support memory).
4. Acceded to the video output capability, the PSP's screen can be
connected through the USB output to a PC, you can set the output of
the screen frame rate, the proposed use of this feature, the CPU will
be set up to 333 frequencies.
5. FC joined the forced open full-screen transparent background, to
use this feature pros and cons, some games will have problems.
6. The original "brightness settings" to the "brightness that," for
the PSP's four brightness, 1-2 to level the brightness of the more dark,
3-4 to level the brightness brighter.
7. Joined modules / thread management capabilities, you can view the
current system is running the module and thread, and can try uninstalling
and the closure of such an operation, can load modules, the so-called
modules means PRX, a number of games such as the independence of Laws,
And some common plug-in, free from GAME.TXT configuration files, and
used directly in the way FC load. (PS: Speaking of some plug-in, for example, can also load this way).
8. Patch not played for the 380 + systems that read the data, exhaled
FC may lead to the problem of crashes, the problem is due to the reasons
for the system itself, can only reduce the probability, not radical.
9. Hotkey some of the accession to: a. in the text can be read from the
START button to return to interrupt the game, and likewise, also support
this image to operate. B. joined the fast breath image to the hotkey.
10. Indicator that the code needs "three lines of code" can only be the
normal execution of the problem.
11. FC main program to optimize the overall performance and that several
small BUG.
12. Module loaded for the opening of the automatic loading functions,
methods will need to automatically load the module ID named to the game,
at the PRX directory. Similarly, PSX dictionary can also named the
game ID automatically records.
13. In the game archive / read the file when forced to prohibit breath
FC, this archive is to prevent accidents caused damage.

As new features are rather the consumption of memory, in memory of the
circumstances is not working properly, these are not BUG.

May 8:
1.USB connecting external load module is no longer running the way.
Can now complete the release of the use of USB memory. Directory of
the original SYS FCUSB.PRX files can be removed.
2. That several small BUG, such as the Chinese character input under
certain circumstances will be garbled, read the text contained in a
special file name will be Dead, and so on.
3. The new code, automatically recording the last time as the value
of default.
4. Interface FC the resumption of the previous full-screen mode, the
memory sufficient time to open full-screen, the interface settings
inside the interface can choose the size of a "full-screen, semi-screen,
with" three models.
5. View memory interface will be based on the size of 8 bytes, or
one-way switch of a single line of 16 bytes is displayed. Memory means
the return of view ..
6. Modified HOME to quickly withdraw from the game, if you set the
number of seconds to even the case, the problem of invalid operations.

May 3:
1. Hotkey for all delayed the opening of a key support "under the" and
"press the" two ways to configure hotkey, mode of operation: the
hotkey configuration interface, hold down the hotkey for more than
one second "under the" Otherwise, The default is "press."
2. Read "Chinese file name," the paper would not enter Jia Si.
3. Accelerated reader FC / CW code document speed.
4. Layout of the main menu can choose to do 2 X6 way or 3 X4 way.
5. Can be modified for different needs, set your own lock code
interval, unit is delicate.
6. Hold down the rapid withdrawal HOME can set your own game by
pressing the number of seconds after the implementation of rapid
withdrawal from the game, is set to 0 to disable.
7. In the remaining percentage of electricity to the right of
accession to the remaining capacity to maintain the time, units are
8. That can not be implemented 8 BIT writing code.
9. 390 + PSX emulator and the compatibility issues
10. Procedures and amendments made in a third party can not be locked
numerical simulator.
11. Shortcuts configuration can also become a key HOME shortcuts.
Please do not set up to FC breath hotkey HOME button.

May 1st update:
1. Adding custom code lock set interval
2. Wizard code in all direct entry floating-point value

PS: Originally FlareJune said this update changes to the minimum, you
do not need released, but since there are other people first issued,
the message also follow-up. Also I think that the updates for some
people react to similar invincible code invalid such as the question
of positive significance. April 26 update to the default lock long
time interval, aimed at saving function, but invincible like too
little time to determine the effect, the need to lock a shorter time,
since the definition of the open code is set to lock interval Deal
with such cases, in need of updating.

April 30, as updated in the too frequent, once again would like to
apologize to everyone, I hope that we will not suspected of trouble,
after all, and FC is the common progress of all, thank you for help
test and make recommendations to improve.
1. Yesterday, I introduced a friend to a lazy software, press and hold
direct HOME key two seconds after the rapid withdrawal of the game,
I saw quite fun on the way to FC joined the "chicken ribs" feature.
In the game press and hold HOME Key one second, then quickly withdraw
from the game, holding down below in the XMB, it will quickly reboot
the system.
2. Hotkey set to open the HOME key settings can be targeted to the
hotkey HOME button, remember not to FC exhaled hotkey configured to
the HOME key ah, otherwise .. proposed system is set to standby hotkey
L + HOME, System Shutdown hotkey set to R + HOME, quite convenient.
3. That the search results show that floating-point value, if the
address is not a multiple of 4, will automatically display the
"vicinity" of the floating-point values and not show 0.000.
4. Keys viscous, according to the former, very personal feeling chicken
ribs, while adding a viscous function keys enable / disable hotkey,
but to use the actual words, not practical. Now delayed the opening
by the way, the keys viscous Lane can set up a "viscous delay value"
, if set up 1000 (in milliseconds, that is, one second), then press
the button a viscosity of more than one second, the key will be viscous, hold down the small time In one second, it is the ordinary "press" operation, to release "of viscous live button" is very simple, not by being a "sticky keys to live" is released, the entire operation of the basic and WINDOWS "sticky keys" the same If you used before the viscosity can also be key way, "viscous delay value" is set to 0 on it.

April 28
1. Optimize the speed of implementation of the code, now at the same
time lock 500 code, there will not be significantly delayed.
2. Now all strengthen the function keys can be perfect in the use of
PSX games.

April 26 modify the contents:
1. Modified version of last screenshot of the function, a directory
does not exist if not shots situation. Fixed
2. Reset search, can also be reset to avoid hand "==", major errors.
3. The initial search, if you search for the value of 0, would issue
warning to the user, is also in hand to avoid misuse.
4. Joined in the search results also show that the floating-point value
of the show.
5. To change the code lock the interval.

At 0:45 on April 22:
Join the regular shutdown / standby, hotkey shutdown / standby.
"Other items" option can be found.

At 5:20 on April 20:
1. Speed title can now be used to describe speeding.
2. Should be requested in the main menu by adding a "screenshot" to
facilitate those who do not like to use the title hotkey audience,
in order to symmetric menu, "a USB connection," also moved to the
main menu.

At 4:20 p.m. on April 18:
1. Added value of the search, can match the designated value of all
between the two values.
2. Code list hotkey a reasonable adjustment, press four keys is now
editing, press the triangle button is the view memory location by
SELECT button is the status of all the code changes.

At 4:50 p.m. on April 17:
1. Improved algorithm title, the basic speed title is now 1-3 in the
second completed within 1 - 3 second difference is the speed of the
write speed stick, and I just need to stick garbage three seconds ..
2. Amendments to the strengthening of a button-FC yards a BUG, this
can be ignored, because very few people know that this strengthened
the use of key-code approach.
3.19:30 re-updated once.

At 6:35 p.m. on April 16:
1. Key code can be left / right to change the order, and likewise, the
code group also supports operation.
2. Code Group supported the merger and would a group code in the code
merged into one group to another.
3. Support to the code name five Chinese characters or 10 English words
, and that the more than 10 characters read the code name will appear
garbled situation.
4. Selected if the current code is a pointer code, the menu will appear
in the association "Show pointer position" of items can be directly
Jump indicators pointing to the memory location (including migration
5. That the fuzzy search scope of the search has not entered into force
6. In the main interface by adding the title of the column showed that
the current memory area (Area 1 and Area 6) the remaining available
memory size.
7. USB connection that can not be broken, this update please coverage
FREECHEAT / SYS directory of fcusb.prx document.
8. FC first breath, it is possible that because of the excessive number
of code, the interface may be stalled 1-3 seconds (or called dummy dead)
to read code, address this issue, now use a thread to be responsible
for additional Reading from the code, replacing exhaled delay.
9. Document in the browser code filtering, joined the CMF *. document
filtering, can be directly loaded CMF code documents, in fact this is
CW document format, FC also can be read.
10. XREADER perhaps solve the conflict, there is no test.
11. Implementation of the code used more error-correcting judge to
prevent the entry of the error code led Dead.

At 6:30 p.m. on April 13:
More joined the search comparison, the plug:

At 3:20 p.m. on April 11:
1. Memory will be automatically view "objective values" with a custom
color underlined by the marker you can in the "Settings" -> "color set
tings interface" -> "tags, color," the mark set by the color.
2. Joined the search string "16 hexadecimal values" search mode. Could
support up to 30 bytes of matching, the way in the search data WINHEX
16 hex editing software inside is a common, and it is a super-use
search way. search However grasp this way need to understand some
basic knowledge of the data memory. I do not know how to do that
describes this function. drew a map:

At 4:30 on April 9:
1. Amendments to the value of precision floating-point issues,
such as 0.010 before entry, it may have the floating-point value
is 0.009999999999.
2. Numerical excess of + -999999.999 all showed 0.000.

At 10:40 on April 8:
1. Joined the floating-point value search, after consideration,
accurate to three decimal places after the decimal, six integer.
Support floating-point value plus or minus a few search. Changes
are negative, move the cursor to "+"/"-" Symbol above, and then click
the arrow keys up / down.
2. Corresponding floating-point search, in memory view joined the
floating-point view mode, support for direct situ editing.
3.4, at 10:30 on the 8th to re-updated.

At 5:40 on April 7:
1. Joined the viscosity function keys, here to explain the meaning
of the keys viscous: Actually, the word from WINDOWS "Accessibility"
probably means that you press a button, release the button if still
equivalent to keep pressing the button.
For example, some games, according R keys move it is the "running"
loose "R" button is the "ordinary walking," then viscous applications
will be key here, it would mean that click the "R" button is running ,
and then click the "ordinary walking."
"Sticky buttons" and can "button and all the" | "keymap" | "a key
technology for" mixed use, for example, such as Shooter, O bond is
firing button, the button to open O bond even fight, O bond and then
opened sticky keys,
Well, "according to an" O bond can be achieved automatically fired.
2. Rocker control FC addition to this approach.
3.4, at 8:40 on the 7th before downloading Please update, amend the
conditions of implementation of a code of priorities wrong ...

At 17:10 on March 31:
1. Joined the "shared key" function, and this before "rocker shared"
identical, but shared object is key. Similar monster hunter two games,
played their own role can only control the use of mobile rocker before
if Rocker and the need to achieve key role mobile can be brought under
control this on the lack of "shared key" function.
2. Added a key technology for a "public delay" settings, the default
value is 10 milliseconds, which is a value-added, will be set up after
a key technology for each of the directive of the value of this delay
in public.
3. Consecutive one-button recording technology has changed the way,
would no longer use the additional threads to record, because this is
the case, some simulator could be a "card", resulting in lack of
real-time recording of the results. Now use HOOK recording.
4. A key technology for the "Edit interface" is no longer a "recording",
it is necessary to record a key technology for the use of hot keys are
activated recording. Hotkey procedures can be found in "continuous
recording technology hotkey" settings.
5. A key technology for the "Edit interface" the original Shortcuts
"SELECT" key to the role of the words "merged key", that is a key
technology for the current directive merged to a directive to, and
delayed Superposition of boost.
6. Yesterday for the "file browser" to join the "rename" feature may
be crippling, now has been amended.
7. FC interface, you can use the joystick to operate the alternative
direction keys.

At 14:10 on March 30:

1. Improve the image processing speed. Interface in the background
color changes after the entry into force is not immediately required
in the next breath when the entry into force of the FC.
2. Automatic identification code, the code in the list according to
move the cursor format is no longer a progressive movement.
3. Document management joined rename functions to support the Chinese
document (some systems read the file name is garbled), you come across
a hash of the document, the use of the Chinese FC input on the re-naming it.
4.FC code format _ joined the N0 _N1 _N2 marked code to the state,
the use of CW / FC format code, the code can be preserved for the
state group.
5. Amendments to a law BUG Pinyin input in the text deleted again
after importation will be more than a character.
6 If there is no allocation for the title hotkey function, then thread
title will not be activated. A thread reduce expenses.
7. Visit will be the number of documents to the unrestricted, before
most can browse 100 documents.
8. Keymap a conventional small BUG (mapping will be key combinations,
according to one of the keys will be used directly mapping), for
example, set up a button △ maps R + O, it may be only △ or O will
press for the R Mapping .

At 9:40 on March 26:
1. Slightly to the weight loss. Function too much, not fat ah.
2. Amended before the Manche things, lead to read the code freeze,
has been amended.
3. Join the PC-N-pointer search tool Pointer Search For FreeCheat.
Note Posts:
4. Button for a follow-up configuration file has changed the name.
Sks, even a button / joystick setup / configuration files keymap
follow-up yes. Fks

At 16:40 on March 25:
Amended before the Manche things, lead to read the code freeze, has
been amended.

1. Button configuration for the opening of the management functions
(including the button configuration with a button, the button mapping,
rocker features, etc.), can be preserved in accordance with their own
needs for different documents, encountering the same game ID button
configuration file, automatically loading .
2. Patch produced by adding memory functions can be DUMP memory to
a file, and then use third-party tools to edit, and then use the
"memory management -> patch loading memory" function will be to patch
wrote PSP. Role in the function of another some of the code is modified
data difficult to achieve, through a patch loaded.
3. Memory edit mode, the Wizard by START button is the current address
to join the model code table (the original function), according to
SELECT button is added directly to the current address of the code
table (similar to CM), according NOTE (note button) begin to address
the current production of memory edit patches.
4. 2,3 view of the above functions, memory view edit mode in the
status bar that joined the keys.
5. Joined the buttons and all the Enable / Disable hotkey is mainly
to facilitate certain games, such as the God of the game (sometimes
need to be keys, and sometimes even want to use a button, and here it
is not convenient to switch ).
A. There is the so-called memory model, memory is the view in the press
O button to enter edit mode.
B. This update changes the structure of the configuration, please
download coverage CONFIG.DAT document.
C. The update will also use some of their own FC documents (such as
character input method, FC configuration file, FC font file, edit file
locations, etc.) transfer directory, all on FREECHEAT / SYS / directory,
if before you use English-Chinese Dictionary, please move to the SYS
FC.dct document directory.
D. compression packages by adding a note inside each folder that role.

At 16:00 on March 23:
Download in 17:30 minutes ago a friend needed to be updated, that I do
think of the code of a simplified method
Multiple format has been the target has not yet been firmed up, and
indeed, there are reasons:
Since it is a "multiple" indicator, that is to say the number of jumps
is unknown N, There is jumping after each shift values are not fixed,
nor rules, a code it is impossible can be achieved within the so-called
"multi - Guidelines. "
CW wait until updated in the hope of a standardized definition of the
rules of the format of multiple indicators, but long overdue result,
it seems there is no need to wait any longer.
Prior to joining CMF support multiple indicators, but also against-type
"multiple indicators."
I Xiangleyixia that it would be a number of indicators related to the
code, is to achieve multiple objectives the best way can be understood
as "objective values transfer code."
For example, before God, it was issued the necessary 3-pointer at the
yards. According to his publisher that is:
HP addresses = [[[0 x346B00] +0 xA8] +0 x68] +0 x64
Chisuo with the popular argument is: 0 x346B00 address was the location
of the first guide, this position will be offset 0 xA8 the location of
the second indicator will be the location of the second indicator was
offset 0 x68 third position indicators, The third indicator will be the
location of migration 0 x64 access to HP where the real memory address,
and then revise the value. (indeed enough that the Chisuo ..)
Before I read this guide to the CMF yards support Basically, it is
against-and difficult-compatible compression code pointer ...
FC pointer is the manner of transmission methods, look at the
requirements of the above FC code format:
0x60346B00 0x00000000
0x00060000 0x000000A8
0x60000000 0x00000000
0x00060000 0x00000068
0x60000000 0xVVVVVVV
0x00020000 0x00000064
Pay attention to the red part of the six characters, in order to
guide compatible compression code, the pointer value can only transfer
code format defined as 6 and 7, said that the code was not making
any changes in guidelines after work, but under the pointer value to
a code to deal with ,
You will find that the last two groups code 0000000 for the value of
the address, said two code are received from the transfer to a group
of the value of address as a value. At the end of a group of code, you
should see the original six characters into 2 characters, said that
the operation of the revised code, of course, compatible to all, the
work of the group to amend the code group can be "Guidelines
compression code." such a combination, can be completely balanced and
multi-pointer compression code Pointer Code, or even Mixed use.
example of a group code is the final indicator of the general code,
a 32-bit only modify the value to be amended to read 16 bit 1, is
amended to read 8 bit 0, the value range is 0-5, with the natural
Pointer Code understand. here say that under the "Guidelines transfer
code" by more than 6 and 7, is also well understood, 6 representatives
of positive offset, 7 code reverse migration .. said so, we may see
them feel it is familiar with the guidelines of the code can understand
all of a sudden on the back.

Attached to a test document of the code (Source: The Forum)
, this is a shorthand method to improve later in the 17:30 pm before
the need to download updates to friends:

At 0:20 on March 20:
1. Pinyin input method joined Fanjianben switch.
2. Unified FC version, no longer distinguish between FAT / SLIM
version, is no longer distinguish between PSP / POPS version of
reunification as a single program file.

At 14:30 on March 19:
1. Joined the Chinese Pinyin input method, in the past a small
keyboard interface by SELECT button switch input, input by the
first alphabet characters automatically presents relevant alphabet
to choose, the choice will be assigned to the Shortcuts ← ↑ ↓ →
□ △ 6 buttons, etc., the choice of interface by L / R button for
pages. used in all the local small keyboard can be used to input
Chinese characters. Annex package FC.ime one more document, the
corresponding traditional version of the FC, Pinyin input method
Character is the traditional Chinese characters can be seen in
the annex title interface effects.
2 I will be the production of library procedures of putting, there
are simple documentation, it will be convenient for you to produce
their own unfamiliar words. Font production procedures yes. NET
procedures required for the operation. Net framework support.
3. TOUR adding "scan lines" effect, the title of the progress of
time can be used as reference (:

At 23:15 on March 17:
1. Enquiries can not be amended: A prefix words.
2. Amended text edit some of the hash.
3. Here: no longer screen flashing.

At 18:20 on March 14:
1. Join the English-Chinese Dictionary function, the content and CMF]
the same, but after I re-planning document format, the use of CJK
coding, in the face of the CMF than UTF8 encoding, according to theory,
performance slightly faster (because free to the transcoding processing),
Vocabulary is FC.dct file name can be downloaded to annex directly to
decompress FreeCheat root directory. Thesaurus file size of about 6 M around.
PS: CMF and the 1.1 not compatible.
2. Joined the traditional version to facilitate Hong Kong and Macao
3. Crack filing a directory menu X position offset the 10 pixels, has been
amended, this little update, the demand for friends can be updated.

At 20:30 on March 3:
1. Minor updates, amendments to the code optimized 16-bit code compression
format wrong question.

At 11:00 on March 2
1. Added a new condition code, and in fact CW CMF in half early in the
morning prior to the conditions of accession of the new code, but I
always think that the current use of the fewer opportunities, has joined.
2. Counterparts in the code wizard also added a new condition code
generation wizard.
3. Key-code wizard joined the "positive key-code and reverse-key code"
option, FC also support early-response button code, but before the
Wizard mode is not "reverse button-code" choice.
4. Corresponding amendments to the "Code conditions," a small BUG.

New conditions yards basic format:
0xDaaaaaaa 0xQbbbbbbb
0x000NNNN 0x0000000T

Aaaaaaa and bbbbbbb is to compare the value of the two addresses,
Q is a website (counterpart is == 4, 5 is! = 6 is <7 is "), after
NNNN the conditions for the implementation of a number of lines of code,
not reached Skip it. T is the data type (for the 8-bit = 0, 1 = 16bit,
2 = 32bit), it is all right to read, to use the wizard generated code
can be.

February 29 (including on the 26th after modifications):
1. Perfect support TAB format, and join the group TAB format
classification, and can exchange such as CM.
2. Amended menu title delays, non-hotkey title.
3. Adjust some of the details of the interface.

TAB group refers to the so-called preservation before the TAB format,
the original group all classified as a "CM_TABLE" to the inside,
this update, the original code can be preserved group set up to
the next reading when and SCM / CW format, the code will be directly
under the original packet to distribute. now preserved and TAB format
is compatible with the previous format of the TAB, which is in the
CMF and CM can be used directly inside, and the preservation of the
CMF TAB FC inside read format in the case, is still "CM_TABLE"
single-group distribution, as CMF preservation group TAB format is
not set. done before release of the code should be the function of
the demand, if the past for the preservation of CW / SCM format,
the CMF can not read, for the preservation of the TAB format, FC
convenient grouping function, it is impossible reflected, it is
perfect solve this problem, the release of the code, TAB format
can be directly compatible with CMF and FC demand, without engaging
the two code format.

Before unusual forum has been unable to upload Annex, at 20:20 on
February 29 after the new version is downloaded.

At 0:20 on the 22nd:
1. That a read / CM preserve the TAB format

At 19:15 on the 15th:
1. Amended the code to automatically seek CW official of a small BUG,
as before the change in the folder directory, which may not detect
the code automatically load the game code ..
2. Button interface with a set text alignment is not the issue ..

0:40 am on the 13th:
1. Due to the implementation of the code from six yards into two yards,
part of the implementation of the code has changed, careless handling
of a minor error, leading to code execution may enter into the limitless
death cycle (false Dead), has been amended.
2. Change because the directory names, the location of the coding change,
transcoding can not find the time for coding, the name garbled game,
has been amended.
3. Exhaled a slight pause at more than 0.15 seconds, because some high
FPS games, you will see FREECHEAT interface, but has been Hosokusei no
Genri the game, it was that the Dead ...

Contents procedures before spelling errors, which should be FreeCheat,
please pay attention to procedures under the directory name, all the
issues raised by the Forum post has been resolved, thank you for your
valuable advice .3.90 system, I also brush the 3.90 System Test , and
found no abnormalities, please download a new version of the look ..

After we all work together, through different methods attempt, after a
long period of testing to a strong performance, stability, and good
compatibility, but also beautiful interface, and also in memory of the
birth of the PSP supporting procedures should have been said to be Game
But think of now or later with the increase in functionality, is no
longer a simple revision of the, so called "PSP auxiliary procedures."
According to all requests from SCM MOD renamed Free Cheat, whose name
is the meaning of freedom, free, relaxed, "PSP auxiliary procedures",
originally wanted to call Free Helper, but do not reflect the original
The new outlook, a lot of natural change, a radical change, complete
reform, can be a completely eliminated all current versions of the
"PSP assisted procedure":

At 9:15 on the 12th minutes before a friend to download the update
(there is a menu interface, out of the location, and a new code BUG),
please download completely delete the original SCMMOD (Note backup
their own code documents, etc. ), then extract the package into

* 1. Name has changed (:, but it is not just as simple name change ..
* 2. After numerous previous attempts, and even the image buffer SGU
in all to use, .... we have a glance, a version of the SCM MOD because?
used SGU image buffer, some results Huaping games, I have a wry smile,
* P fertilizer in the original version, it is impossible to achieve
sufficient to do the double buffer memory, with no double buffering,
flashing screen interface, in addition to being too slow people feel,
but also hurts the eyes. If we gave up the fertilizer P No matter what
version of the software is not a good, we must find a perfect solution.
try again after the adoption of the "small screen" approach, huh, after
practice is feasible, after more than 50 test of the game and perfect !!!!!!
have enough memory to buffer background and have enough memory to do
the double image output buffer. has been plagued my problems will be
* 3. Re-test all code orders, all read the code file formats, storage.
Changed some of the ways in code execution speed operation greatly
improved over the so-called CMF ..... found a situation, the implementation
of the so-called CMF code fast "secret", CMF code execution is the
fastest 2000 delicate spacing interval, the original 100 FREE CHEAT
delicate spacing between them, not slow Caiguai ...
* 4. TAB also supported the original read, and now joined the preservation
of the TAB, TAB format can be saved as.
* 5. Code is the biggest change in the format, and no longer use the
original six yards a group, but the use and CW, CM 2 yards as a group
format, but many of the advanced, automatic identification Goldfinger
instruction format, Figure it depends on the specific situation to
understand, see Annex title.
* 6. Solve the external version of fertilizer P font read slower, and
the main memory view reflected in the text and read.
* 7. Disconnect the USB connectivity solution, P fertilizer text version of the interface disorder problems.
* 8. Resolve USB connectivity instability may freeze issue.
* 9. Archiving solution may not solve the problem, now two versions of
the perfect support for the activation function.
* 10. Single memory view to 8-byte display.
* 11. Compatible model may no longer need, but also compatibility mode
for the opening of the color of the interface definition set.
* 12.FREE CHEAT own CW default code format and the basic agreement,
only one more "_ N" for the naming of lines of code. CW code compatible
... you save format for the CW, will be automatically added to the N _,
Follow-up of the default yes. TXT

There are many minor edits not say, the effort spent too much,
Haoleihaolei .... everything perfect ..... super speed operation,
exhaled speed, stability ... ... the beginning of a new software,
we will not mention SCMMOD, this is the Free Cheat.

Aggregate functions to the new user:

* 1. Game data search, search mode support three kinds, namely the
standard search, string search and fuzzy search, and search speed is
currently the fastest of all the same software.
* 2. First use of the plug-in memory 8, to double the buffer is the
only image processing plug-ins (a plug-in, non-self-made process, the
independent self-direct procedures can be called the PSP SGU), bringing
No flashing translucent mixed results, the function is thin P unique in
the world.
* 2. Memory directly edit mode, supports eight-bit, 16bit, 32bit, ascii,
hex5 kind of edit mode, memory data range DUMP etc.. Currently the most
convenient memory view (+ Editor)
* 3. Goldfinger directive support to the direct writing code, code
compression and conditions code, Pointer Code, pointer compression
codes, key-code, computing code, and change of code, copied code,
put it in simple terms is that all current orders Goldfinger . support
the current three kinds of code format (*. tab, * db, *. scm), read the
code without conversion.
* 4. Unique code wizard mode for new and old players, even to people
familiar with the play Goldfinger, it may not be the first time to find
detailed instructions Goldfinger format, this function can solve this
problem, can - Generation fool all the above-mentioned directive.
* 5. Unique group management, helping large quantities Goldfinger code
management, the use of packet mode can be more intuitive Show Goldfinger
directive The content of the revisions.
* 6. Most current plug-in to read the text of resources, support an
infinite read the text, and other page-for-was not flashing (it is
translucent image processing effects mixed results, no double buffer,
flashing screen is not free).
* 7. Core of the world's first model of a dynamic crack PSP archive
encrypted data can be perfect break out of the archived data encryption,
support write back, the functions can be used to achieve cross-platform
transplantation archived data.
* 8. Support of the unique title, and also supports the general hotkey
* 9. Support PSX game replacement system font, and it is only a game
realize PS ID and the name of the PS versions of the game.
* 10. System performance settings, this没?can say, the basic versions
and plug-ins have ..
* 11. Most powerful keys to strengthen and support key mapping, and all
the keys, and key exchange rocker / share, adjusting rocker sensitivity,
automatic identification US version of the game XO button automatic
exchange, and the history of the perfect " a key technology for
"technical support for the game in separate recording and recording and
support for technical manual fine-tuning. perfect" to broadcast video "
* 12.USB connectivity, allowing the self-made programs and games
directly connects to the USB.
* 13. Current versions of the most beautiful in the most human interface
and the interface, before the language barrier also all the solutions
(not before the Chinese version).
* 14. Revision of the current three provinces in the memory design, the
specific reasons can be seen Posts Below, I have that this is the main
version of fertilizer P, P thin because of no need, so I deliberately
use, thinner version of the current P All plug-in memory for most, huh.
* 15. Not linked to a number of teeth is not to say that the function.
Above that is the basic Free Cheat unique characteristics.

On a key technology for the exciting presentation has been released,
we can look at this post:
I will continue to update some interesting for TCDC

Configuration and will not be used for the first time, direct
compression to extract the entire package to the root directory of
coverage, according to the game, "notes button" exhaled.

Add the code in memory to view the operation of the code table: first
to enter Edit mode by circle, and then click START button will add the
code in the guide ... Due to space limitation, in the process, I do not
be explained .. .

Read the text of the rapid breath and memory Views:
I have already detailed in the text inside: this is "additional hotkey
needs of the FREE CHEAT hotkey used together," you "status bar" can be
seen in Chinese statement, additional hotkey mean that if you set the L
button Breath is quick text reading hotkey, and your note is FREE CHEAT
hotkey button, then you quickly exhaled text of the hotkey is the
"L + bond notes," did not understand, then I have set up is to avoid
certain people say that I am too high-handed, and occupy so much hotkey.

XO said the bond exchange, the procedures do有个叫"When the non-Japanese
version of the game when the automatic exchange XO button" function,
you close yourself.

Free Cheat asked me what code compatible format? Free Cheat compatible
with the current code three kinds of popular file formats (*. TAB, *.
SCM, *. DB), and also supports the CW's official code base code automatically
search function.

Free Cheat support asked me what instructions? Free Cheat support all
current Goldfinger instructions, and I have added a bit to strengthen
key code into, I will be available to you write a detailed analytical
article Goldfinger instructions if you need now understanding, they can
refer to the AlexWong andフェNeedle Allah Talkスwritten instructions
Daquan Goldfinger, or refer to the official English CW entry URL:

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